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Do you want to learn a thing or two about poker and the life that comes along with the game? Nothing takes you into the world of poker like movies do! Here is our list of top 5 movies every poker player should watch! If you love playing Poker, you should definitely check these movies out. They’ll take you into the world of poker like nothing ever has. They are the reason or one of the reasons that Poker has become a mainstream card game. These movies dive deep into the poker culture and give viewers a true insight of poker and its technicalities.

So, without any further ado, lets jump right into the list. Please note that this list comprises the 5 best poker movies of all time and not necessarily in any particular order.

1.       Mississippi Grind

This movie has everything from friendship to road trips to Poker! The movie starts with Jerry, an ambitious poker player who is on a losing streak meets Curtis, an experienced gambler. The two become friends faster than one would fold a 2-7 off suit starting hand. As they start their journey to New Orleans, Jerry convinces Curtis to stake him for poker games. Throughout the entire movie, Jerry seems to be a bad investment for his bestie. But Curtis keeps on investing simply to keep their friendship alive. Curtis is truly a loner and hence takes a chance on Jerry even though he is terrible at poker concept of expected value to friendship. Curtis knows how bad Jerry is at the game, but still wont stop investing. Only to preserve his friendship with his new friend.

2.       Poker King

This might not be the best move of them all, but do give this one a chance. The Passion and love for Poker depicted throughout the movie is out of this world. The writing, direction and execution is something that will catch your eye since the very moment the movie begins. The movie is set in Macau, Hong Kong and follows the life of a Man who will lose his father’s inheritance if he doesn’t prove himself mature enough to run his father’s company. How did he pull it off? I won’t spill the beans here. You got to watch the movie to know the plot.

3.       California Split

Set in the 1970s in America, this movie revolves around the lives of Bill and Charlie played by George Segal and Elliott Goud respectively. They both are seated at the same table trying to play their cards right to make it big. That’s when they decide to take poker from a recreational game to a profession. On their journey to become professional Poker players, they encounter endless situations and roadblocks which they handle very tactfully. It might be all sunshine and roses in the beginning, but it soon turns into a nightmare. The movie depicts the life of a professional poker player perfectly. If you are planning on playing professional poker, this one is a must watch. 10/10 for acting and direction.

4.       Rounders

Who hasn’t heard of Rounders? It’s probably the best poker movie ever created! With Matt Damon playing the role of Mike McDermott, a poker player who wants nothing but to be the best poker player there ever was. But his luck wasn’t on his side. After losing a lot of money, he promises his girlfriend, Jo that he will quit gambling. This promise doesn’t hold for a long time as his friend, Lester Murphy after getting out of jail needs to pay off an old debt. What happens next will make you love this movie till the end of time! This one should be number 1 on your watch list!

5.       High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story

You play poker and you haven’t heard of Stu The Kid Ungar? That’s impossible! But if you haven’t, need not worry, this movie completely takes you through the life of this poker prodigy.  Considered by many as the best poker player to ever walk the earth, this prodigy has 5 WSOP bracelets on his name. Coming back to the movie, there are plenty of hands being played, so that part is well covered, but The Stu Ungar Story is also worth a watch to learn about his career and his demons that caused this career to end way before it should have. Keep in mind, this one is based on a true story!

Do try these movies out if you haven’t already. They will give you a new perspective on poker and the life that revolves around with it. There might be movies that you like more than the ones we mentioned. But these are our personal favourites. While you watch these best poker movies, get the best poker experience only on FTR Poker. Download the game now and start your online poker gaming journey today!