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Q1. How do I become a part of THE VIP CLUB?

Once you start playing on BLITZPOKER cash games or tourney’s, you start generating VIP Points and become a part of the VIP CLUB.

Q2. How can I redeem my VIP points?

VIP points can be redeemed against the player’s choice of rewards. The rewards are categorized as –

a. Cashbacks

b. Prizes – Automobiles, Holiday Packages, Poker Packages, Gadgets etc.

c. Tournament Tickets

Q3. How does THE VIP CLUB benefit me?

The VIP CLUB rewards each of its members irrespective of the game format you play, win or lose, you generate VIP Points. These VIP Points can be redeemed anytime from the VIP CLUB against the choice of your reward. THE VIP CLUB is designed to make your aiming experience even more rewarding and fun.

Q4. How do I make VIP Points?

By playing on BLITZPOKER, a player generates rake which in turn gets converted to VIP Points. Every new registered user begins with zero VIP Points and for every Rs.50 rake made; the player is awarded 1 VIP Point. The VIP points are redeemable in THE VIP CLUB.

Q5. How do I claim prizes, tournament tickets or cashbacks?

You can redeem prizes or cash by writing to , post verification the corresponding VIP Points re subtracted from THE VIP CLUB. A player can redeem tournament tickets by registering to tournament with VIP POINTS. VIP Points equivalent to the buy-in of the tourney will be subtracted from their account. 1VIP point is 5CHP redeemable.

A player can redeem multiple rewards a month or during his/her course of play.

Q6. What stakes should I play to be an eligible member of THE VIP CLUB?

Irrespective of the stake or game format you play on, you VIP Points will be counted in the THE VIP CLUB to define a player’s level or for redemption of rewards.

Q7. How may player levels be there in the VIP CLUB?

THE VIP CLUB has 5 levels

Level 1 – Rookie

Level 2 – Specialist

Level 3 – Master

Level 4 – Champion

Level 5 – Legend

‘Rookie’ is the first level in THE VIP CLUB. The players can advance to Legend which is the highest level in THE VIP CLUB. Higher the level bigger and better the returns

Q8. How many VIP Points I need to upgrade my level?

To upgrade your level, you are required to earn a specific number of VIP points. As mentioned in the chart below:


Q9. How does a player level downgrade in THE VIP CLUB?

A player’s level status is calculated on a 30 days cycle. Every player begins on level Recruit and can climb up the level in a month. Each month a player needs to earn the VIP Points required to get at a level, in case of inactivity of more than 90 days a player’s VIP Points will be reset to zero.

Q10. What is the difference between every level or What are the benefits of a level upgrade?

Each level in THE VIP CLUB differs in the amount of cashback offered to the players. The rake back significantly increases as the players’ level rises. Which means higher the level, lesser the number of VIP Points required to redeem the prize. Leveling up comes with a wide range of perks that includes higher cash -back. A user can enjoy cash -back beginning from as much as 10% and go up to exhilarating 60%.