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Seven Card Stud poker has different versions that are equally engaging as the next. One such version is Razz Poker, a lowball game that follows the rule of seven-card stud. The only exception is that in Razz, the lowest hand wins. The stages of the game in Razz are also quite similar to that of a seven-card stud.

Razz is quite popular among many World Series poker players because it has been a staple in their scheduled mixed games. Even the Horse poker tournaments have Razz. When it is compared to other lowball games like Omaha Hi/Lo and Seven Card Hi/Lo, Razz doesn’t require making a low hand below eight. This eight or better rule is waived for the players in a game of Razz. With this type of complication out of the way, players can easily concentrate on the game.

When thinking about playing poker, it is always best to have your basics down.

Games Stages

The stages of Razz Poker are quite similar to a regular Seven Card game. Here, is a step by step guide that will help you to play your best game:

  1. Ante

A Razz poker game is just as similar as Seven Card Stud and 7 Card Hi-Lo Poker, so an ante is just the way the game begins. For those who are unversed in Seven Card games, an ante is a fixed payment in which players contribute to the pot before the cards are dealt. Ante is paid at the beginning of every new hand for each player to receive new cards in every round. Ante payment is made even before the bets are introduced.

  1. Third Street

After the payment of ante is done, the first round of betting begins. In Seven Card games, Razz is known as the third street. Since the first two cards are already dealt before the round, the third card called the third street is now dealt with. This up-card is dealt with face-up.

The player who has the worst up-card, acts first in this round. Since there isn’t any specified amount for this bet, when the players matches the minimum amount, it is called a bring in.

While deciding which up-card is the worst, all the suits of the cards have a role to play. 

The hierarchy of the suit rank follows:

  • Spades
  • Hearts
  • Diamonds
  • Clubs


  1. Fourth Street

The Fourth Street or the second betting round begins when all the players around the table have either folded their cards or matched the total betting and marched on to the next round.

The limit is the same here. With the lower limit in place, the players can choose from the two options available:

  • Check (making no bet)
  • Bet (making an appropriate bet to the limit of the round)

From this round onward, no betting occurs. Bets are only compulsory in the third street.

If anyone of the players choose to bet, the players who follow that bet have the choice to:

  • Raise (increase the previous bet)
  • Call (match the bring-in amount)
  • Fold


  1. Fifth Street

This third round of betting or the fifth street begins when all the players can check or match their previous betting round. The dealer deals with a new up-card in the fifth street.

This is also the first betting round, which has the higher betting limits.

The players can continue with the same options as the previous round:

  • Raise (increase the previous bet)
  • Call (match the bring-in amount)
  • Fold


  1. Sixth Street

The fourth betting round or the Sixth Street starts after the fifth street is sorted out. Players who are active in hand also receive a fourth up-card. The betting limit also remains constant. At the sixth street, players are in the thick of it with one more round separating them from showdown.

  1. Seventh Street

The final betting round is the Seventh Street. The dealer in this round deals with the up-card. Just like most poker games, this round is the last chance for players to place their bets.  At this stage, players must have a good idea of how strong their low hand is and how they can strategically place their bets. This is also your final chance to raise the stakes in the game.

  1. Showdown

As the name suggests, the Showdown is the final round when all the hands are revealed with the tensions that built all throughout the game are put to rest. The player who has the best five-card low hand wins the pot.

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How to Play FAQ

In full ring Razz games, which is with eight players, the experienced Razz player will fold three-card hands that contains any card higher than 8x. also note that the pairs count in Razz make hands undesirably high.
Razz is a form of stud poker which is played for ace-to-five low or lowball poker. The main object of Razz is to make the lowest possible five-card hand from all the seven cards that you are dealt. Razz don’t count straights and flushes against the player for low.
The basic rules of Razz are:
  •       In this game the dealer deals with three cards to each player at the table, two cards are faced down and one card is faced up.
  •       The player with highest exposed card have the option to either raise to the limit or post the bring-in.
  •       If more than one player has the same ranked high card, the suit determines the high bring-in.
  •       The ranking of the suit should always be in alphabetical order, that is from weakest to the strongest.
  •       After the first betting cards, a betting round follows starting a bring-in.
Just like other forms of poker, in Razz the available actions include ‘fold’, ‘check’, ‘bet’, ‘call’ or ‘raise’. Which options are exactly available depends on the actions taken by the previous player. If nobody made a bet, then the player can either check that is decline to bet, but keep their cards, or bet.