Boost Poker FAQ

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How do you play poker boost?
The table of poker boost looks just like a regular table, but the players who fold their cards immediately move onto a random table against their opponents before the hand is completed.
What is the basic premise of Boost poker?
The basic premise of Boost poker is to fold your hand and instantly get against different opponents. It equals to: · Non-stop action. · More poker games in less amount of time · No more waiting time in order to discard marginal hole cards
What is Pool in Boost poker?
Pool is nothing but the number of players’ entries. Players can join the pool many times. Every instance of joining the pool is also regarded as a new entry of a player. It also means that a player can play at several tables belonging to one and the same pool.
What is fast fold in Boost poker?
Fast fold is an option in Boost poker that allows players to fold their cards at any moment, irrespective of the position of the player and the bet they’ve made.