Flop in Poker FAQ

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What is the Flop?

The “flop” generally means the three cards which are dealth face up after a first round when all the player makes their play. They are also the first community cards that are dealt in the round. Players can use these cards to make their best hand.

How do you play flop poker?

In poker a game starts when all the players make both “Pot” and “Ante” bet. They will receive a three-card starting hand and a three-card community “Flop” in order to complete their five-card hand. Players use all the three hold cards and two community cards for the final five-card hand.

What is the flop in Texas Holdem?

In the flop, the dealer burns a card and deals with three community cards face up. The first three cards are also referred as the flop, while the community cards are called the board. In the second round of betting, players from the left of the dealer button can check or bet.

What does pre flop mean in poker?

The preflop round is where the players can get their two private cards and decide their action based on the strength.