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Which card suit is highest in poker?
In virtually all poker games, suits don’t count. Spades aren’t better than hearts, clubs aren’t higher than diamonds, etc. If you have the same poker hand as your opponent but in different suits you simply split the pot. This misconception is from other games where suits do matter.
How to Play on BLITZPOKER?

Playing at BLITZPOKER is easy. Just click on the below mentioned link to start playing and win:

  1. Click on the above-mentioned link to ‘SIGN UP’ and create your BLITZPOKER account.
  2. Validate your account by clicking on the link sent on the registered email address.
  3. You can now join BLITZPOKER client. You may choose any of the three options mentioned below a) Downloads – Window/ MacBook:  Click on the ‘Download’ button on the above-mentioned link to download the client – Instant Play: Join the action at BLITZPOKER without downloading. Click on ‘Instant Play’ button to launch the flash player. – Mobile App: Enjoy playing the games at The BLITZPOKER on your mobile device as well For Android users: You need to click on the ‘Android’ For iOS users: You need to click on the ‘iOS’
  4. Once your BLITZPOKER\
  5.  account is created you can then login with your username and password and there you go, play and win!

Please note: Username once selected, cannot be changed. However, you can change the screen name (Screen name is the name that reflects on the table. Enjoy playing Freerolls without investing any money and win real cash chips as prize money.

How to view hand history?
You can view your hands played through website and on game client. Kindly login to website and click on “Game History” on top right to check the hands played on daily basis. OR Login to game client and click on “Options” on top left. Under “Options”, click on “History Replayer” to view the video of the hands played.
Can I play without depositing any amount?
You can play and win without depositing any amount on BLITZPOKER account. We have freerolls every day, every half hour and you can earn in real cash without investing
What is icon ‘A’, table marked on lobby indicates?
‘A’ marked table are anonymous tables where the player wishes to hide his/her identity. BLITZPOKER provides users to play different types of games like No-Limit Texas Hold’em & Pot Limit Omaha. These games also have the option of playing “incognito” or in “stealth” mode. This does not reveal your ID to the other players & only shows the nickname of players as “Anonymous”.
I am registered for a tournament but cannot find it. How do I view all the tournaments I am registered in?

Please follow the steps mentioned below for you to view all the tournaments you have registered in

  1. Login to BLITZPOKER App/Client with ‘Username’ and ‘Password’
  2. Click on the ‘Settings’ tab
  3. Click on ‘My Tournaments’

You can view all the tournaments you have registered in.

I went out for a while and returned only to find out that I was logged out?
If a player is inactive for 15 minutes, the system will automatically logout the player for security reasons. To resume play, a player can simply login and continue.
What happens if I am disconnected in the middle of a hand?
Disconnection can happen due to poor internet connectivity. If the network is restored back quickly, the system will automatically reconnect you and you can continue playing. If the network problem lasts longer, we have a Disconnection Protection Policy to protect players
I am faced with a difficult decision in a poker hand, do I get additional time?
Initially you will get 15 seconds to react, if you have utilized this time you will get another time-bank of 60 seconds to react. If the time bank is not used for 10 minutes, players can get auto increment of extra 5 seconds
How does Auto-Muck work?

If the auto-muck check box is selected, then the showdown rules at river are:-The player who took the last aggressive action in the hand will show his hand first. If the aggressive player is the winner, then the other player/players in the hand can muck their hand. If the aggressive player loses the hand then the aggressive player’s hand will be shown first and then the winner’s hand is shown. If everybody has checked on the river, then the first active player to the left of the dealer will show the hand to the table first. If the next active player has a better hand than the previous player, then he/she needs to show the hand to the table or else if they are losing (with reference to all previous players) the hand will automatically be mucked, and this sequence will continue for all players. Example: – For a 6-player table, 6 players (all have selected the auto-muck check box) have checked on the river and the 3rd player (player next to BB) has the second-best hand and player on the button has the best hand. The actions that will follow at showdown are: –

  • First player will show the hole cards to the table
  • Second player will muck the hand
  • Third player will show the hole cards to the table
  • Fourth player will muck the hand
  • Fifth player will muck the hand
  • Sixth player will show the hole cards to the table as this player is the winner
What is re-straddle?
Re-straddle is a forced blind, double the straddle amount and is always put before the cards are dealt.
Does the poker software allow me to muck the winning poker hand?
No, it will not allow to muck the winning poker hand. If you play your hand to the showdown and you hold the winning hand, it will always automatically be shown. This feature protects you from accidentally mucking a winning hand
What is Run It Twice (RIT)? How does it work?
Run it Twice (RIT) is feature that reduces variance in the game. The rule for RIT is, if on the table minimum two players goes all-in whatever the remaining cards are left to open at that time, will open twice and the pot will be distributed to each winning hand, according to the normal poker rules. We have tables with the Run It Twice feature. In the lobby, please check for the ‘TWICE’ icon in black next to the table name to indicate if that table has the Run It Twice feature or not.
What is Boost poker?
Boost Poker is an exciting format of poker that allows you to play more hands in less time and reduce your waiting period between hands. Rather than the traditional way of joining a table, you will instead join a pool of players playing at the same stakes. Instead of waiting for the current hand to complete, you can quick fold, following which you will be taken to a new table and will be dealt a new hand instantly. You will be randomly seated with players from the pool at a new table. You can even play on multiple Boost tables simultaneously so there’s more action and less time-wasting! Boost Poker is currently available at the cash game tables on BLITZPOKER under the ‘Boost’ tab in the lobby.
What is icon ‘Star’, table marked on lobby indicates?
‘Star’ marked tables are Bad Beat jackpot tables. For more information on Bad Beat Jackpot please click here.
What is straddle? How does it work?

Straddle is a forced blind, double the big blind amount and is always put before the cards are dealt. It allows you to act last in that round where players wanting to enter must at least call your blind raise, giving you the option to raise your blind raise, re-raise a raiser, check, or fold. The straddle will work in the following conditions:

  1. Straddle will only be enabled if the straddle check box is checked before the hand.
  2. Straddle will only have an impact on the game pre-flop. Pre-flop, the minimum call amount is the straddle amount if the straddle check box is enabled. After the flop opens, the minimum bet amount will be the big blind amount.
  3. Straddle cannot be done on the dealer button. So, straddle can only be posted if 4 or more players are involved in a hand.