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BLITZPOKER — Online Poker Platform In India

BLITZPOKER is in the business of turning the online poker world on its head. We want to be the most social place to play online poker in India and make it a part of everyday. Join BLITZPOKER – Play poker online in India with exciting cash games and the best online poker tournaments. Enjoy great offers for new players, and play free. BLITZPOKER offers a variety of game modes in both, Texas Holdem and Omaha game formats for both professional and recreational players alike. The brand will also feature an array of zero buy-in poker tournaments (online free poker) where players will be able to win sizeable pots without spending any money of their own. Special bonuses will also apply to first time players along with weekly giveaways! Play poker online in India at BLITZPOKER, the ultimate social platform for poker enthusiasts. Enjoy exciting cash games, top-notch tournaments, and irresistible offers for new players. Don’t miss out on the action! Sign up at BLITZPOKER today and experience the adrenaline rush of online poker in India. It’s time to showcase your skills and embrace the excitement!



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Play online poker games with BlitzPoker

BLITZPOKER is a real money online poker gaming platform in India. Choose from online poker games
Hold’em and PLO and compete with top players across India.

Legal Online Poker

We have dotted our i’s and crossed our t’s when it comes to our poker games being 100% legal.

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All your payment transactions are protected and guaranteed by GoDaddy, the global leader in Cyber Security Solutions.

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Experience the pleasure to play wherever, whenever with our IOS/Android applications, available for all devices.

Winner Testimonials

" As a seasoned player, I've tried numerous poker platforms, but BLITZPOKER stands out for its exceptional service. From the seamless gameplay to the responsive customer support, every aspect exceeds my expectations. Thank you for raising the bar! "

Harsh Dembla


" I've been playing on BLITZPOKER for months now, and I couldn't be happier. The tournaments are thrilling, the cash games are lucrative, and the security measures give me peace of mind. Five stars all the way! "

Rahul Kumar


" BLITZPOKER has truly redefined my online poker experience! The variety of games, the sleek interface, and the commitment to fair play make it my go-to platform. Highly recommended! "

Rajesh Kushwaha

BLITZ USERNAME - Kushwaha349

" BLITZPOKER app has been one of the best apps to play poker in India. It has an interface which provides seamless experience and gives alot of value to the players. "

Aditya Kulkarni

BLITZ USERNAME - Arewealiens

" I can't say enough good things about BLITZPOKER. The user-friendly interface, the wide range of stakes, and the fast payouts make it my preferred platform. It's rare to find a poker site that ticks all the boxes, but BLITZPOKER does just that! "

Avinash Kumar



Why Play Poker Online?

There are a lot of benefits to playing poker online in India, and BLITZPOKER offers a platform that not only entertains but also enhances various real-life skills. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, a passionate hobbyist, or simply someone looking to improve daily interactions, BLITZPOKER provides an immersive experience that goes beyond traditional gaming. Here are some of the advantages you can gain by playing online poker in India on BLITZPOKER:

Enhanced Risk Management Abilities

Poker is all about managing risks and understanding the risk-to-reward ratio. By playing poker on BLITZPOKER, you’ll develop a keen sense of assessing changing dynamics, such as evaluating your hand strength, analyzing the board texture, and interpreting your opponents’ actions. These skills can be transferred to real-life situations, enabling you to make calculated decisions rather than acting impulsively with incomplete information.

Instilled Discipline

Discipline is a key attribute that successful poker players possess. BLITZPOKER teaches you the importance of discipline in game selection, table selection, and bet sizing. By applying discipline at the virtual poker tables every day, you’ll find it naturally flowing into your daily endeavors, helping you make wiser choices and stay focused on your goals.

Improved Observation Skills

Playing poker requires careful observation of your opponents’ moves and reactions. Through regular and passionate play on BLITZPOKER, you’ll develop the ability to assess the playing habits of different opponents, giving you a strategic edge. Moreover, observation is a valuable skill that extends beyond the poker table, empowering you to excel in various aspects of life.

Sharpened Math Skills

Mathematics plays a significant role in poker gameplay. While the math involved is straightforward and easy to understand, continuous practice will refine your skills and allow you to calculate probabilities and make informed decisions on the fly. BLITZPOKER offers a platform where you can effortlessly apply your mathematical knowledge to improve your game.

Emotional Intelligence

Maintaining composure and controlling your emotions are essential qualities in poker. BLITZPOKER provides an environment where you can practice emotional maturity by keeping a poker face and avoiding impulsive reactions. This translates into better emotional regulation in your daily life, helping you stay calm and composed during stressful situations.

Can I win playing online poker?
Yes, you can win real money/cash by playing online poker on our Cash Tables, Tournaments or Freerolls!
Why Play Online Poker In India on BLITZPOKER?
BLITZPOKER is one of the largest and most dependable online poker platforms in India. We are committed to putting our players at the center of everything we do. We try our best to make poker an enjoyable and thrilling experience for our players. Our poker platform appeals to a plethora of poker players out there. Players find our poker gaming experience safe and stable so that they can play poker online without having to worry about disconnection or about anything going west. Enjoy a hassle-free poker playing experience with us. Join BLITZPOKER today and take advantage of everything we have to offer.
Can I Play Free Online Poker in India on BLITZPOKER?
Yes, you can play online free poker which means you do not have to deposit any amount with BLITZPOKER’s freerolls worth INR 24,000.
Can I Play Online Poker for Real Money?
Definitely! Playing online poker for real money is possible on various platforms and websites that offer real money games. BLITZPOKER is a reputable online poker site where you can create an account, deposit funds, and then participate in games where real money is at stake.
How to deposit money in my BLITZPOKER Account?
To deposit money in your BLITZPOKER account: Cashier > Deposit > input payment details > Click “submit”
Why Play Online Poker in India on the BLITZPOKER App?
When it comes to playing online poker in India, BLITZPOKER offers a range of advantages and perks that are hard to resist. Joining BLITZPOKER means becoming part of one of India’s largest poker platforms, where you can connect with poker enthusiasts just like you. With a plethora of tournaments, game variations, and exciting formats, BLITZPOKER ensures non-stop action around the clock. Moreover, our platform is built on trust, providing a gaming ecosystem that prioritizes fair and transparent gameplay. Here’s why BLITZPOKER should be your go-to place for playing online poker in India.

Convenience at Your Fingertips

At BLITZPOKER, we understand the importance of convenience, and that’s why our users love our app. Whether you prefer playing on your desktop while multitasking or gaming on the go with our smartphone app, we’ve got you covered when it comes to online poker in India. We take pride in offering the most intuitive, clean, and responsive user interface. Our regular updates and bug fixes ensure that you can explore a wide variety of games and even play multiple tables simultaneously, providing you with the ultimate user experience on BLITZPOKER.

Endless Game Options

BLITZPOKER hosts a diverse range of poker game variations, ensuring that there’s something for every player’s taste. From exciting freerolls across different variants to cash tables and tournaments in various formats, the options are limitless when we discuss online poker in India. Even if you’re busy during the day, you can still indulge in thrilling gameplay after hours and have a great time at BLITZPOKER.

Year-Round Promotions and Offers

At BLITZPOKER, we believe in rewarding our players. That’s why we have a wide range of promotions and offers available throughout the year. From referral bonuses to exciting promotions, the more you play and refer friends, the more you stand to gain on BLITZPOKER.

Online Poker in India With Instant Deposits and Withdrawals

Say goodbye to waiting times for your winnings to be credited or interruptions in your gameplay due to insufficient funds. BLITZPOKER offers instant deposits and withdrawals. Additionally, we provide multiple payment options, including PayuMoney, Paytm, Razorpay, Go CashFree, and Net Banking, to ensure seamless and hassle-free transactions. What are you waiting for? Enjoy online Poker in India at BLITZPOKER by signing up today!

Can I play online poker with my friends/family?
Yes, you can play with your family & friends by creating your own private table on BLITZPOKER by clicking on “create private table” under the settings tab once you are logged in.
Is Poker Game Legal in India?
In India, the legal status of poker varies across different states. While most states consider poker a game of skill and permit it in certain formats, there are few others that have restrictions or consider it gambling, which subject it to regulations or prohibitions.


Welcome to BLITZPOKER, where excellence isn’t just a goal; it’s our standard. Led by passionate experts who live and breathe poker, we offer a seamless 24/7 online experience without the distractions. Join us and discover why BLITZPOKER is the professional’s choice for top-tier gameplay. It’s time to elevate your poker experience with BLITZPOKER – where the game is taken to new heights.