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Online Poker Tournaments in India

About Online Poker Tournaments

Many people wonder if they need money in huge amounts in order to play poker online (online free poker games). But this is far from the truth, in fact, the truth is that you DON’T. At BLITZPOKER, which is one of the most exciting online poker destinations in India, you can play freeroll online poker tournaments a.k.a. free online poker tournaments, and win a chance to win prize money every day.

Some of the basic things to understand about these freeroll poker tournaments/online free poker are:

  • They are the newcomers’ best friend, allowing them to play without any investment in these tournaments and win money. They are an amazing way to experience variants of poker games and connect with players.
  • These online freeroll tournaments are spread across multiple tables and are even open to all registered players. Many platforms like BLITZPOKER offer freeroll poker tournaments that will let you win exciting prizes and cash rewards.

Free poker game strategies that help you win at free online poker tournaments:

  1. While playing freeroll make sure that you play as many as you can. The more tournaments you play, the more you’ll get better, and a higher chance of winning bigger tournaments.
  2. Beginners are always tempted to go all-in before the flop if they believe that they have strong pocket cards. It might not be a good strategy. You may force other players to fold which lowers the pot size or may end up getting a bad flop.
  3. Try not to take these online free poker tournaments lightly just because you don’t have anything to lose. You must use these free online poker tournaments as a chance to build your game and improve your skills.
  4. These freeroll tournaments help you to experiment with various strategies.
  5. To play these satellite poker tournaments, try to sharpen your bluffing skills and even your ability to bluff, like practising the art of reading a table and the game of your opponents. Observing and keeping track of others will give you a good insight into your own game.
  6. While playing online freeroll, you also have to watch your own emotions. Poker is an intense game, and players go through a gamut of emotions. These tournaments are a great way to experience and even practice to keep them under control.
  7. Various types of poker tournament payout structures are different on every website. Do check them out clearly before processing them further.

India’s Biggest Poker Tournaments Online

To appeal to a wide audience, BLITZPOKER brings you a great selection of poker tournaments online – including Texas Hold’em, Omaha, 7-Card Stud, letting you experience the gamut of playing options. We want more and more players to win so we have kept our deposits minimal, wins guaranteed, and 10-12% of the top players take the tournament value (total prize money in our tournaments could range from Rs 1 lakh to more than a crore).

Depending on your preference, you can participate in a variety of tournaments, including:

Sit & Go

Sit & Go Tournaments have no schedule or fixed time. When a pre-determined number of players register, the tournament starts. This is a flexible format because you don’t have to register in advance.

Multi-Table Tournaments

After you learn how to play poker, playing MTT becomes fun. In Multi-table Tournaments (MTT) players at various tables compete for one another’s chips which are fixed and distributed equally to all players at the start of the game. Players who lose all their chips are eliminated and those who remain are relocated to other tables. This continues until one player remains. This player is the winner and takes the biggest prize.


In Turbo events, the most significant difference as compared to other tournament types is that the blind levels increase much faster than standard play. Each round can take up to 5 minutes, which is much quicker as compared to the usual 10-15 minutes. This is a format that will appeal to players who want fast and higher-stakes games.

Freeroll Tournaments

For beginners, we offer free poker tournaments daily, where they can learn the finer points of the game and stand a chance of winning prize money. Learn more about freeroll poker!

Prize Money in Our Online Poker Tournaments

The most important question: What’s at stake; what can I win? BLITZPOKER has some of the biggest prizes to offer for online poker tournaments in India. Some of our tournaments span over days and prize money is worth crores. Our daily live poker tournaments online carry prizes worth a lakh to five lakhs. Our prices are guaranteed, and we want as many people as possible to take prize money home.

Poker Tournaments India FAQ’s

Can anyone take part in the online poker tournaments?

Yes, if you are over 18 years of age and are a registered player on BlitzPoker, you can take part in the tournaments.

What are the benefits of tournaments?

Poker tournaments typically have low buy-ins and offer good cash prizes. You get to play against a wide range of players. Not surprisingly, it is one of the most popular formats to play poker tournaments online.

Is there a limit to the number of tournaments I can take part in?
No, you can take part in as many tournaments as you like.
What is the buy-in for the tournaments?

Our online poker tournaments have different buy-ins and you can check it before you sign up. The buy-ins are quite nominal.

Any tips to do better at tournaments?

Different people use different styles of play in online poker tournaments. Some play aggressively, some play with a lot of patience, others use a mix of the two strategies depending on the state of play. While there are many poker strategies you can use to improve your game, the only way to be successful in the long run is to play a lot and practice a lot. If you are a beginner, play a lot of freeroll poker to get used to tournament-style gaming. Study how others play their hands on our poker hand rankings page. Learn to read the state of play and the style of other players. Be observant. Don’t be in a hurry to go all-in. When you are playing with a buy-in, don’t play too loose. Take time to read the table. Learn how to play poker in different positions and with different pocket cards. It takes a lot of time and patience to get good at poker. So, keep playing and keep enjoying. All the best.

How do you get into poker tournaments?

In a standard tournament, a player pays a certain buy-in and is given a set number of tournament poker chips at the start of the game. As a cost of conducting the event, commercial venues may charge an additional fee or withhold a small amount of the buy-in.