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28 Card Game Rules – How To Play, Strategies, FAQs

28 Card Game Rules

The 28 card game is a popular trick-taking card game for 4 players that’s loved by card game enthusiasts in the northern regions of India, particularly Bihar, and the South Indian state of Kerala. It bears a remarkable resemblance to another well-known game called the 29 card game, as both of them are descendants of the 304 card game. The objective of the 28 card game as per its rules is to secure as many tricks as possible by employing cards having higher values.

Traditionally, playing cards with a group of friends on Sunday afternoons has been a long-standing tradition for decades. However, the vast expansion of the internet has opened up exciting avenues to enjoy the Twenty Eight card game online on your desktops, smartphones, or tablets.

The truth is that, with the internet buzzing with a wide array of online games, you can indulge in the 28 card game online with your friends without having to wait for weekends anymore.

28 Card Game Basics

Number of Players: Four

Card Deck: Standard 52-card pack (32 cards are used)

Suit Composition: Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs, Spades (referred to as “French” suits)

Cards in Each Suit: 8 cards (J-9-A-10-K-Q-8-7, ranked from high to low)

Objective: The objective of the game is to win tricks that contain valuable cards.

How Scoring Works in the 28 Card Game?

Card Points
Jacks 3
Nines 2
Aces 1
Tens 1
Other Cards 0

28 Card Game Rules

The rules of the 28 card game may initially appear a little baffling, but by playing a few demo games, you’ll quickly get the hang of it.

  1. The player who has the privilege of selecting the trump card and keeping it face down is not allowed to play a card of the trump suit unless another player requests to see the trump card or if it is the sole suit remaining in the 28-card game.
  2. During a single round of the online 28-card game, all players must follow the suit that was led.
  3. If players do not have a card of the suit in play, they have the option to discard other useless cards from their tricks or ask to reveal the trump.
  4. Once a trick is lost before the trump card is revealed, it cannot be retrieved.
  5. The first bidder of the game begins with 14 points, and the maximum bid a player can make is 28 points.
  6. If one player from a team has already placed a bid, the partner must place their bid starting from 20 points, in accordance with the rules of the 28-card game.
  7. If one of the teams happens to possess all eight trumps, the game becomes invalid and requires a re-deal in the 28 playing card games.
  8. When a team loses a bid, they must pay two cash cards to the opposing team. Conversely, when a team wins a bid, they receive one cash card from the other team.

How to Play 28 Card Game?

In the game, the direction of play is counter-clockwise. The dealer shuffles the cards and the player to the left of the dealer cuts them. Each player is then dealt four cards individually.

Based on the four cards they receive, the players participate in a bidding process to determine the trump suit. Each bid is a numerical value, and the highest bidder commits to winning at least the number of tricks they bid. The bidding starts with the player to the right of the dealer, who must make a minimum bid of 14. However, if this player holds only Kings, Queens, 8s, and 7s with no point cards, they have the option to request a re-deal instead of bidding 14. In such cases, all the players discard their cards, and the dealer reshuffles and deals again. The other three players do not have the right to request a re-deal at this stage, regardless of the quality of their cards.

Once the first player has made their bid, subsequent players take turns in counter-clockwise order, either placing higher bids or passing. The auction continues until three players pass consecutively. However, there is a restriction during the bidding process: if you want to bid higher than your partner’s bid and the player on your left has already passed, you must bid at least 20.

The final bidder, based on their four cards, selects a trump suit and secretly places a card of that suit face down. This trump indicator card remains hidden from the other players, leaving them unaware of the trump suit initially. It stays in front of the bidder until someone during the game requests the trump suit to be revealed.

Next, the dealer completes the deal by giving four additional cards to each player, resulting in a total of eight cards per player. Once all players have seen their eight cards, the final bidder or their partner has the option to increase the bid if desired. However, any new bid must be at least 24 to be valid.

Strategies for Winning | How to win card game 28?

Here are some valuable strategies for achieving success in the 28-card game. While the tips and tricks may appear straightforward, employing certain game tactics will ensure that you adhere to the rules and increase your chances of winning.

  • Firstly, it is crucial to be attentive and identify the trump card. Since there may be instances where you are unable to follow suit and need to discard cards, it is advantageous to quickly determine the trump card. Keep a keen eye out and observe which suit the trump bidder is avoiding, as it is typically kept secret.
  • If the game does not have distinct phases, consider requesting the trump card. By utilizing trump cards, you can secure more tricks and swiftly fulfill your bid.
  • When faced with a challenging situation, play your Aces strategically. If you believe that winning the trick seems unlikely but there is already a Jack on the table, play an Ace to claim victory. This clever move allows you to earn points for both the Ace and the Jack.
  • Avoid playing high-value cards to win a trick if Kings and Queens are in play. Preserve your Aces and relinquish the trick by using lower-value cards instead.
  • Before commencing the game, it is advisable to strategize and assess your initial four cards. Employ a small mathematical advantage to aid your bidding decisions. Remember, if you lose the bid, you also lose an additional point.
  • Opt for a low bid while aiming for high rewards. Higher bids do not grant extra points, so it is preferable to make a low bid, ideally between 14 and 19. Allow your opponents to choose the trump suit and play their cards first. Bid for what you are confident you can achieve, and subsequently secure more victories.
  • To ensure a positive score, aim to win more bids than you lose. Winning bids grant you 1, 2, or 3 points based on your bid while losing bids result in a deduction of 2, 3, or 4 points. Consistent losses will lead to a negative score.

By following these insightful strategies, you can enhance your gameplay in the 28-card game and increase your chances of triumph.