How to Beat 28 Percent GST and Still Enjoy Online Gaming

How to Beat 28 Percent GST and Still Enjoy Online Gaming

28 Percent GST on Online Gaming

In recent years, the online gaming industry in India has seen remarkable growth and popularity, establishing itself as a thriving sector. In a landmark decision during the 50th GST Council meeting on July 11, 2023, India made a decisive move that would reshape the online gaming landscape. The decision was to impose a 28% GST rate on online games, casinos, and horse racing, based on the full price. This game-changing decision was enacted on October 1, 2023, and has sent ripples across the online gaming industry. This article comprehensively explores the implications of this new GST rule on online gaming. We will also dive deeper into its effects on players, online gaming platforms, and the industry as a whole. We’ll also highlight how BLITZPOKER, a player-centric platform, stands out in response to these changes.

Understanding the New 28 Percent GST Rule on Online Gaming

The introduction of a 28% GST on online gaming signifies a significant shift in the taxation landscape for this growing industry. It encompasses all online gaming activities, including poker, rummy, fantasy sports, and esports. Crucially, this tax rate applies uniformly across all forms of online gaming, irrespective of whether they are categorized as games of skill or chance.

Implications of the New 28% GST Rule on Online Gaming for Players

Let’s begin by examining how this new GST rule affects the players, who are the heart and soul of the online gaming ecosystem. When a player deposits ₹100 into a real-money gaming app, a substantial ₹28 is immediately kept aside for GST, leaving the player with a modest ₹72 for their gaming endeavours. Additionally, there is often a platform fee that typically ranges between 10% to 20%, deducted after the GST deduction.

Here’s How to Beat 28 Percent GST and Still Enjoy Online Gaming

Amid these financial challenges, there’s a glimmer of hope

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That’s right! BLITZPOKER, with an unwavering commitment to prioritize its players, has taken a unique and player-friendly approach. We’ve chosen to cover the GST for our players, alleviating any concerns about this additional expense.

Additionally, a 30% deduction in the form of Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) will continue to apply to your profits.

Impact of The New 28 Percent GST Rule on The Online Gaming Industry

Now, let’s zoom out and assess the broader impact of the 28% GST rule on the online gaming industry in India.

  • Financial Burden on Players: The introduction of the 28% GST on online gaming significantly amplifies the tax burden on players. Under this new framework, players are obligated to pay a 28% GST on their entire entry amount, regardless of the game’s outcome. This marks a substantial increase in the effective tax burden for players, surpassing previous taxation levels by more than threefold.


  • Impact on Online Gaming Platforms: Online gaming platforms are not immune to the repercussions of this new GST rule. They must not only adapt to the new compliance requirements but also absorb the associated tax costs. In many instances, these platforms may pass on the increased tax costs to their users. This could potentially erode their profit margins and cash flows, affecting their capacity to make crucial investments in areas like research and development, technological advancements, marketing initiatives, and enhanced customer service.

BLITZPOKER: A Bright Light of Hope

In the midst of all the changes happening in the industry, BLITZPOKER’s dedication to being clear and not passing on GST costs to players really stands out as a big money-saver. While the new GST rules are causing some problems for the industry, BLITZPOKER is all about making things better for players by reducing the financial impact on them. This means that playing on BLITZPOKER is not only more fun but also costs less, making it different from other gaming platforms.

Is GST Applicable to All Online Games?

To clarify, the current taxation of online real money gaming is based on the total sum paid or payable to the supplier, either directly or on behalf of the player. This taxation remains consistent regardless of whether the game in question relies on skill, chance, or a combination of both factors.


The introduction of the 28% GST rule for online gaming in India is a big change. It means that players have to pay more taxes, and online gaming platforms have to adjust to this new tax system.

In this changing situation, BLITZPOKER’s promise to cover the GST costs for players shows its commitment to making gaming fun and affordable. As the online gaming industry continues to grow, both players and platforms have to deal with these changes and find ways to make the gaming experience better.

To sum it up, the 28% GST rule is a game-changer, but platforms like BLITZPOKER make sure that players can enjoy their favourite games without worrying about extra taxes. BLITZPOKER’s focus on transparency and putting players first ensures that gaming remains enjoyable and accessible to everyone. As the industry adjusts to these changes, platforms like BLITZPOKER will lead the way in providing a hassle-free gaming experience to players all over India.