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Best Female Poker Players Of All Time

Best Female Poker Players

Poker used to be mostly played by men, but that’s changing. Many women are now playing poker and sometimes even doing better than the guys. It’s not easy to pick the top female poker players because there have been so many talented women in the game.

Best Female Poker Players

You can notice the shift in poker rooms and at major poker events. More women started playing the game around the 2000s when poker became easier to access, both online and in person. Throughout the game’s history, there have been some really important and famous female poker players. Here’s a list of the best female poker players who have been successful in the game:

Annie Duke

Often called the ‘Duchess of Poker’, Annie Duke is not just a poker player but also an author and business founder. She’s really good at cash games, especially at high stakes. She has some impressive tournament victories, like winning a WSOP bracelet, the 2004 WSOP Tournament of Champions, and the 2010 National Heads-Up Poker Championship. For a long time, she held the title of the highest-earning female player at the World Series, though that’s now been surpassed by Vanessa Selbst. Her net worth is around 9 million USD.

Annie Duke is also a writer and has penned strategy and instructional poker books, such as ‘The Middle Zone’ and ‘Decide to Play Great Poker’. She’s not just about poker, though; she’s also into charity. She started a charity called ‘Ante Up for Africa,’ which raises money for organizations helping out poor African nations. On top of that, she co-founded the ‘Epic Poker League’ and played a role in creating the Global Poker Index. It’s worth mentioning that poker runs in her family, as her brother is Howard Lederer, the founder of Full Tilt Poker.

Maria Ho

Maria Ho recently achieved a remarkable milestone in her poker career by being inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame. Maria Ho is of Taiwanese-American descent and has a significant presence in both hosting and broadcasting, which complements her impressive performance in poker tournaments.

Throughout her career, Maria Ho has earned almost $3 million in tournament winnings. Her achievements include an astounding 54 World Series of Poker cashes. In 2007, she made her mark by being the last woman standing in the Main Event, finishing in 38th place. Additionally, she has reached five World Poker Tour final tables and secured numerous victories in minor events worldwide.

Maria Ho stands out in the broadcasting world as the first female ‘strategic commentator,’ notably during season 9 of the Heartland Poker Tour. She also contributed her expertise to NBC Sports, providing commentary for the Super High Roller Bowl events.

Beyond her poker and broadcasting career, Maria Ho has shown her versatility. She has been involved in professional-level Mahjong games and made appearances in reality TV shows, including ‘The Amazing Race’ and ‘American Idol.’ Ho’s net worth is estimated to be around $4 million.

Vanessa Selbst

Although she made headlines for a daring bluff that didn’t go her way during the 2018 World Series Main Event, it shouldn’t overshadow her remarkable achievements in the top echelons of poker. Had that bluff succeeded, she might have been hailed as a genius!

Notably, Vanessa Selbst is the only woman to have reached the coveted no. 1 ranking on the Global Poker Index. Her lifetime tournament winnings are nothing short of astounding, currently standing at $11.8 million and still growing. She’s the fourth woman on our list to be associated with PokerStars as part of their team of pros. Selbst has built an impressive net worth of approximately $12 million in USD.

One of her most significant victories came at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, where she claimed the high-roller event title, earning a cool $1.4 million. Her list of accomplishments also includes three WSOP bracelets and consecutive successes on the North American Poker Tour.

Jennifer Harman

With a noteworthy net worth of approximately $15 million in USD, Jennifer Harman is a well-established figure in the high-stakes cash games of Las Vegas and boasts an impressive track record in poker tournaments.

Jennifer achieved her first WSOP gold bracelet in the 2-7 Lowball event in 2000, a format she had never played before the event. Remarkably, she received just a 5-minute training session from Howard Lederer before the tournament and still managed to outperform seasoned professionals. Her success continued with a second WSOP bracelet in 2002, this time in the Limit Texas Hold’em $5k event.

Like many of her female poker professional peers, Jennifer Harman has made significant contributions as a writer. She is credited with a prestigious chapter in the 2nd edition of Doyle Brunson’s ‘Super System’ book. In recognition of her outstanding contributions to the poker world, she was inaugurated into the Poker Hall of Fame in 2015.

Her presence in televised poker is equally remarkable. Jennifer has made regular appearances on popular shows such as ‘High Stakes Poker’ and ‘Poker After Dark.’ Additionally, she was a part of the professional team at Full Tilt Poker for many years and this makes her a part of our list of the best female poker players.

JJ Liu

JJ Liu, also known as ‘JJ’, is a prominent figure in the world of poker. Originally from Taiwan and now residing in Palo Alto, California, she has made quite a name for herself. JJ’s journey into poker began in the early 2000s, and her distinctive hats have become a part of her signature style. Her background as a computer scientist and expertise in Chinese gambling games gave her a unique edge in the poker world.

One of her notable achievements was finishing as the runner-up in the World Poker Tour Bay 101 tournament in 2004, making her the highest-placed female player in WPT history at the time. She also had success at the WSOP, even making it to a final table. JJ’s outstanding contributions to the world of poker led to her induction into the Women’s Poker Hall of Fame. She has accumulated an impressive $1.7 million in tournament winnings, which places her in the top 10 among female tournament pros, all the more remarkable given that she hadn’t played poker until she arrived in the United States in her 20s.

Vanessa Rousso

Vanessa Rousso is another ranker in our list of the best female poker players. She’s known for her unique style that includes a cap, headphones, and designer sunglasses. Vanessa was associated with the PokerStars pro team from 2007 to 2015. Her skills extend to both cash games and tournaments, although she hasn’t clinched a WSOP bracelet yet. Her tournament earnings, however, exceed $3.5 million, underlining her prowess in the game.

In online poker, Vanessa made her mark by securing a 2nd place finish in the WCOOP main event in 2007, a remarkable feat that earned her more than $700,000. She’s not just confined to the poker world; Vanessa has appeared on television shows like Poker After Dark and even participated in Big Brother in 2015, where she finished in 3rd place. Vanessa also served as an ambassador for the internet hosting giant GoDaddy and contributed to American Poker Player through her writing.

Kathy Liebert

Although she might have a lower profile compared to some of the best female poker players these days, has left an indelible mark in the world of high-stakes poker tournaments. Her impressive track record boasts over $6 million in live poker tournament earnings.

Originally hailing from “The Volunteer State,” Tennessee, Kathy’s journey in the poker world has been nothing short of remarkable. In 2004, she clinched a prestigious WSOP bracelet in the Limit Hold’em Shootout event, showcasing her prowess in the game. What’s even more astonishing is her six final table appearances in the World Poker Tour, a testament to her consistent success on the felt.

One of her standout victories was at the 2002 Party Millions tournament, where she emerged as the champion, adding a whopping one million dollars to her live tournament winnings. Notably, Kathy Liebert also made a deep run in the World Series Main Event, coming tantalizingly close to the final table, ultimately finishing in 17th place.

Kathy’s contributions to the world of poker are a testament to her skill and dedication, and her impressive net worth of $6.89 million speaks volumes about her achievements in the game.

Kristen Foxen

Kristen Foxen (formerly Bicknell) undeniably stands out as one of the best female poker players in the game today. Her dominance in the high roller circuit over the past few years is nothing short of impressive. Kristen has earned the title of Global Poker Index Female Player of the Year for three consecutive years, a testament to her remarkable skills and consistency on the poker scene.

Adding to her poker dynasty, her husband, Alex Foxen, claimed the overall GPI Player of the Year title in both 2018 and 2019, making them a power couple in the poker world. Kristen, the lone Canada-born player on this list, has excelled in both online and live poker tournaments.

Her live tournament earnings exceed $5.5 million, an impressive sum that includes three coveted WSOP bracelets. Notably, in the 2020 WSOP Online Bracelet Series on GGPoker, Kristen emerged victorious in the $2,500 No-Limit Hold’em 6-Handed event, pocketing $356,412. Her partnership with Alex Foxen is often regarded as one of the most talented poker couples in the game, both achieving recognition as top high rollers.

Liv Boeree

Liv Boeree’s journey is a fascinating blend of diverse interests and a unique path to poker success. With multiple potential career paths in front of her, she explored various avenues, from modelling to playing guitar in a heavy metal band. However, her true calling came to light when she decided to put her First Class Honours degree in Physics from the University of Manchester to use.

In 2010, Boeree achieved a significant breakthrough by winning €1.25 million in the EPT Sanremo Main Event on the European Poker Tour. This victory marked her as only the third woman to claim an EPT Main Event title. The event itself was one of the largest of its kind, making her triumph all the more impressive. Liv Boeree’s unique blend of scientific acumen and poker prowess has left an indelible mark on the poker world. Her journey from diverse interests to poker success is a testament to her versatility and determination to pursue her passions.

Annette Obrestadt

Famously recognized by her online poker moniker ‘Annette_15,’ Annette Obrestadt is a notable figure hailing from Norway. Her claim to fame came in 2007 when she made history by winning the World Series of Poker Europe, becoming the youngest player at the time to secure a coveted gold bracelet.

While Annette has achieved success in various major tournaments, she is particularly renowned for her online poker prowess. One of her standout accomplishments is the remarkable feat of winning a 180-player Sit N Go without ever glancing at her hole cards unless faced with an all-in bet.

However, Annette Obrestadt faced some challenges on her poker journey. In 2012, she signed with Lock Poker, a site that later closed down, leaving many players without their bankrolls. While Annette wasn’t involved in the controversial dealings of Lock Poker, she has chosen to maintain a lower profile since then.

Annette Obrestadt’s unique achievements and the historic moments she contributed to the world of poker are a testament to her skill and determination, making her one of the best female poker players out there.

Best Female Poker Players In India

In a reflection of the global poker landscape, India has witnessed a remarkable shift where poker is no longer confined to men. The participation of women in poker tournaments has surged significantly, underscoring the fact that their female counterparts are not just putting up tough competition but also winning the admiration of millions. Let’s shine a spotlight on some of the best female poker players in India who have not only showcased their impeccable poker skills but have also served as inspiring role models by pursuing their dreams:

Maria Kirloskar

Maria Kirloskar, just like many other female poker players, started her poker journey as a fun hobby but soon developed a deep passion for the game. She made the bold decision to leave her corporate job and pursue poker as a full-time profession. In 2015, Maria made her mark in the Indian Poker Championship events, securing an impressive 11th position in the 10k Freeze-Out tournament.

Maria Kirloskar is widely recognized as a successful poker star, known for her impeccable skills on the competitive green tables. Her ability to read her opponents’ moves and patterns with hawk-like precision sets her apart. She dedicates nearly 30 hours a week to indulging in her passion, continually learning and honing her skills. Maria believes that she has a promising journey ahead in the world of poker.

Minissha Lamba

It might surprise many to learn that this talented Bollywood actress is also a professional poker player. Her remarkable work can be seen in popular movies like “Yahaan,” “Bachna Ae Haseeno,” “Bhoomi,” and more. Initially hesitant, Minissha overcame her reservations and found a sense of achievement and adrenaline rush in the game.

Minissha Lamba’s poker journey took her to the World Series of Poker, where she finished 64th out of 1130 players. She also secured the 4th position at the 15K Kickoff tournament at the Indian Poker Championship in 2011 and won the Deltin Poker Tournament – Ladies Event. Her achievements extended to the 100K High Roller event of WPT India November 2018 edition, where she claimed the 2nd position.

Nikita Luther

Another remarkable poker player Nikita Luther, stands out for her exceptional skills in the industry. In 2015, she made her mark by winning the No-Limit Hold’em – Ladies event at IPC in Goa. Nikita’s success extended to the international stage with a gold bracelet at The World Series of Poker (WSOP) in Las Vegas, often dubbed as the ‘Olympic gold medal’ of poker. Initially hesitant about gambling games, she found the mathematical puzzle of poker irresistible and became hooked.

Muskan Sethi

Muskan Sethi, a well-known professional poker player, has not only made her mark in the poker world but also as one of the 100 most influential Indian women, honoured by the President of India. Her journey began when she started playing poker on Facebook for fun at the age of 20. Encouraged by consistent winnings, she transitioned into taking poker seriously and participating in online tournaments. Muskan’s commitment to social causes is also notable, and she’s been recognized as India’s Responsible Gaming Ambassador.

Kanchan Sharma

Kanchan Sharma’s story is a testament to the growing influence of women in the world of poker. Introduced to the game while working as a Learning Designer in 2017, she was captivated by its intrinsic nature and made the bold choice to switch to a full-time poker career. With recorded online winnings of over ₹93.88 lakhs, Kanchan’s success is a testament to her dedication and the strong support of her family, especially her mother.

Best Female Poker Players FAQs

Who is the world’s best poker player?

There are many poker professionals who are world-renowned. Some of the world’s best poker players are Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth, Justin Bonomo, and Phil Ivey among others.

Who is the best female poker player in India?

Nikita Luther stands as the best female player in India, boasting an impressive 18th position on India’s all-time money list. Her live earnings amount to a substantial $207,940, a testament to her skill and achievements in the world of poker.