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Celebrating the Wins: Cheers to the Champs of ITM 2024

The ITM 2024 Poker Tournament saw an exciting showdown of skill, strategy, and nerves, leading to the crowning of deserving winners. Let’s give a big shoutout to each victorious player who conquered amidst tough competition.

Firstly, a huge round of applause for the winners:

Goonjan Mall AKA PresentSir – Winning the 20 Lakh GTD ITM #4 Thursday Big by bagging 5.03 Lakhs, your game mastery and smart moves earned you praise. He also achieved runner-up positions in the 18 Lakhs GTD ITM #21 Deepstack Turbo by bagging 2.56 Lakhs and the 25 Lakhs GTD ITM #40 Wednesday Supersonic with a winnings of 3.33 Lakhs. Your consistency and skill were truly remarkable, displaying your poker prowess.

Aditya K. AKA AREWEALIENS – Succeeding in the 7 Lakhs GTD ITM #32 Turbo by bagging 1.55 Lakhs, your impressive performance amazed everyone, showing your strong determination and great skills.

Abilash B. AKA Steelbala – Emerging victorious in the 25 Lakhs GTD ITM #47 Thursday Supersonic with winnings of 4.71 Lakhs, your dominance at the tables proves you’re a poker force to be reckoned with.

Mayank Maruka AKA Barrelbrat – Winning the 6 Lakhs GTD ITM #70 Turbo PKO by bagging 64.7K, your poker prowess showcases your talent and determination in the game.

And let’s not forget the impressive runners-up, who showed exceptional skills and resilience:

Anant Purohit AKA Sharaang – Achieving runner-up position in the 7 Lakhs GTD ITM #18 DST by winning 1.17 Lakhs, your persistence and strategic thinking were commendable.

Rahul Kumar AKA Rahul 4444s – Securing the 2nd place in the 4 Lakhs GTD ITM #56 Triple Chance Turbo and bagging 60K, you demonstrated impressive skill and resilience.

Suraj N AKA Mr. Beast – Achieving runner-up position in the 18 Lakhs GTD ITM #61 Saturday supersonic and winning 3.12 Lakhs, you have set a high standard for others.

Every participant in the ITM 2024 Poker Tournament added to the excitement and competitive spirit, displaying dedication, talent, and love for the game. Whether playing or cheering from the sidelines, everyone contributed to the event’s lively atmosphere, making it a memorable experience.

As we applaud the winners, let’s appreciate the sportsmanship and camaraderie defining the poker community. Beyond the thrill of winning, it’s the friendships made and the shared moments that make this game special.

Congratulations once again to all the winners and runners-up of the ITM 2024 Poker Tournament. May your success inspire others to pursue their passion for poker with equal enthusiasm.