How to Deal With Aggressive Poker Player? | Poker Strategy

How to deal with aggressive poker player?

If you have read a couple of articles written previously you will know that there are different kinds of poker players at a table. This article focuses on the aggressive type that is only sitting at the table re-raising you or trying to bluff you. Well, do not worry for we have got some of the tricks in the book that will help you deal with such players.

Before we get into the details of how to deal with aggressive players, let us focus on how freeroll poker tournaments online can help you get comfortable with the game. When you sit around a table or are playing tournaments online, often you do not have the time to learn the knack and tricks of dealing with different kinds of players. Tight aggressive poker players usually do not play many hands, they are extremely selective of their plays and the position they play from. This careful approach with the game makes them seem like players with good hands. These players hardly ever limp but raise and re-raise whenever required. With freeroll poker tournaments you can play against a variety of players and have the time to learn without losing anything in the bargain.

Now that we have defined what an aggressive player is let us look at some of the ways you can deal with them. When you play real poker you need to be confident of your strategies.

Tighten up: Whenever you come across an aggressive player it is recommended to tighten your play as well. You do not want to fall the trap of the former and end up giving away your tells. It is not much you can do about this if the player playing aggressively is before you. Then he just has an advantage over you. So, tighten up as much as you can.

Do not get intimidated: this is a good tip to play against these kinds of players. Usually, aggressive players tend to push around weak players by bluffing and re-raising, if this happens to you then make sure to stay calm and re-raise or bluff whenever you get the chance. Follow as many poker tips online as you can and use them to understand the game better.

Playing against Loose Aggressive Players you can go all TAG on them. Look for opportunities where you think your hand is stronger than theirs and bluff. If you have been maintaining fair play all through the game then they will have no reason to doubt you. Bluffing is tricky but if you are good at it then you need to play it.

Slow play against Tight Aggressive players. Usually, slow play is considered a bad strategy but against TAG players you can use this. They are looking for opportunities where other people make mistakes but you can slow play carefully and use it against them. If you want to learn what slow play is then you can read one of the previous articles written.

These strategies and a couple of others are available on the internet if you read some. Explore through the guide of how to play poker guide and follow the tips you can get through them.