How To Shuffle Poker Chips

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When you walk into a casino what is the first thing you hear? The clicking sound? That’s correct. All these clicking noises are of the thousands of poker chips being stack, distributed, divided, and more. The constant shuffling and re-shuffling of the chips are more of a habit with poker players. Once you learn how to play poker you will also fall into the habit of constantly playing around with poker chips at the table. This becomes a thing to do because traditional poker gets quite slow. During the wait, players shuffle their stacks of chips to either intimidate the other players or just out of habit. There is no particular way to shuffle poker chips or any other motivational factor behind shuffling. But the way a player handles his chips shows how good he is at the game.

The difference in how well you shuffle chips is the material they are made of. If the chips are made of clay then they are easier to shuffle than plastic chips. Clay chips slide easier because of their smooth texture. The table surface also matters when you talk about shuffling. If the table surface is felt it will make shuffling the chips easier than when it is on wood or glass. Play real poker to understand the difference between all these factors.

Similar to playing cards shuffling also needs practice whenever you think it is necessary for you to learn. Basic shuffling videos can be found on youtube, or you can simply observe other players doing it. All the amateur players should start learning shuffle with the small stack of colorful chips. Using colorful chips will make it easier for them to reboot if they go wrong. Like mentioned previously a number of times, there are no shortcuts in poker. You need to have the practice to make everyone see that you are a good player as well.

Poker in India is a great way to keep yourself entertained. Today, a lot of youngsters are taking up playing poker given that it is easy money. To shuffle properly follow a few tips given below:

  1. Begin small, divide your chip stack into two and get six of each color. You will know the right shuffle when you see the colors alternating in one stack.
  2. Play around with your finger placements until you find the most comfortable play. Use your thumbs on top and the rest of your fingers on the side.
  3. Merging stacks is another trick you need to learn. Merge them using your index fingers in such a way that your stacks have chips with alternating colors.
  4. Once you have got the hang of the above tricks with six chips you can then slowly increase your chip numbers. Go beyond six and add more.
  5. Keep practicing with the most number of chips you can to eliminate the difficulty. Once you learn how to handle the big stack you will be able to handle the small stack with ease.
  6. Recording your shuffling session will help you in reviewing where you are going wrong. This is a valid practice for the general game of poker as well.

Now that you have learned all that there is about shuffling in poker. Know that there are also different types of chips in a poker game. Whether you decide to online poker game or poker at a casino you should own a poker chipset. Poker chips come in different shapes and weights and you need to know how they feel and how to play with them. This is important when you go to play in a casino. Your poker chips cannot be heavy or there is a problem and you won’t be able to play with them. There are multiple tips like this one the internet and you can read them all before you make the decision to buy a poker chipset.

Finally, once you learn to shuffle and everything about the right chipset you will then know everything about poker. This game cannot be played without a chipset. Poker is a great game whether you play for fun or otherwise. It also makes you very aware of your surroundings.