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Is Online Poker Rigged?

Is Online Poker Rigged

In the ever-changing world of online poker, players often think about whether things are fair, questioning if digital platforms can be trusted. Concerns about online poker being rigged have been around, but well-respected platforms like BLITZPOKER have openly chosen to be transparent and use strong security measures. The RNG certification that we use on our platform gets rid of any doubts about how things work.

Poker can get pretty tough sometimes. Almost every player has felt upset after a loss they feel was unfair or when things don’t seem to be on their side. It’s common to blame this on bad situations when playing poker in person (live poker), especially when facing big losses due to coolers or bad beats. Coolers in poker refer to situations where both players have strong hands, but one hand is slightly stronger. It’s a bit like having a really good hand, but your opponent has an even better one, leading to a tough loss. On the other hand, bad beats occur when a player with a statistically less likely hand ends up winning against a strong hand. It’s when things don’t seem to fall in the favour of the player with the better hand, causing an unexpected and often frustrating outcome. This often sparks discussions about whether online poker is fair or if it’s rigged. 

The Role Of Randomness In Online Poker

When people claim online poker is rigged, they usually mean the random number generators (RNGs) used by poker sites are not truly random.

We’ve heard some really wild ideas about this like RNGs favouring players from specific countries or dealing cards to maximize profits. But in reality, the RNGs in online poker come incredibly close to true randomness by going through millions of card combinations per second.

In the end, every online poker hand is entirely random, and there’s absolutely no way to predict what will happen or what cards you’ll get. What’s crucial for you as players to understand is that the RNGs used by major online poker sites undergo scrutiny from multiple independent agencies. The sole job of these agencies is to make sure the software used online is safe.

Regulations and Licensing in Online Poker

Every big online poker site worldwide operates with gaming licenses granted by major regulators. These regulators have the responsibility to thoroughly check online gaming operators, ensuring they follow the laws and maintain transparency.

To get a gaming license, an operator must pass a series of tests with flying colours. If there’s any doubt about the operator’s intentions or if the RNGs aren’t completely random, they won’t get the license. Even online poker sites with other gaming licenses generally offer a secure gaming environment, ensuring fairness and not cheating players out of their money.

Is Online Poker Rigged?

In short, no—online poker isn’t rigged. The companies running online poker sites have too much at stake to manipulate the games.

Today’s players have access to various poker database software that can track every hand played on some poker sites. Even if a site doesn’t allow tracking programs like FPDB, Poker Copilot, or Pokertracker, a legitimate platform will provide hand histories for analysis.

If there were evidence of a rigged deck, major operators would quickly see their reputations tarnished. All regulated poker sites employ an independent auditor to verify that their random number generators (RNG) are genuinely random.

A reputable site finds more success in the long run by simply maintaining a fair poker environment.

What’s the Proof That Online Poker Is Not Rigged?

Claims of online poker being rigged are often fueled by emotional outbursts rather than concrete evidence. Many poker sites now offer players the option to download detailed hand histories, providing transparency and allowing players to review every aspect of a hand, including the time it was played, players’ stack sizes, actions taken, and the outcome.

These hand histories serve as valuable tools for players to analyze their gameplay and understand the dynamics of each hand. The ability to access such detailed information makes it difficult for online poker sites to manipulate the game unfairly.

In the online poker community, you may encounter various opinions, but a closer look at the evidence, especially through hand histories, reinforces the fairness of the game. Players need to focus on constructive discussions and analysis rather than getting swayed by emotional and unverified claims.

Considerations for Security Before Starting to Play Online Poker:

RNG Certification

Playing poker online is about skill, and the Random Number Generator (RNG) certification makes sure that your skill is the only thing affecting your chances of winning. On platforms with this certification, the cards you get are totally random. No amount of math or prediction can tell you what the next card will be. If a poker platform lacks this certification, cross it off your list right away. BLITZPOKER’s RNG software is checked and approved by Australia’s iTech Labs. This means every card dealt is genuinely random, with no chance of spotting patterns or exploiting any tricks.

KYC Review

Keeping your winnings safe is vital, and a KYC review does just that. It verifies documents like the PAN Card or any other ID proof for each player. At BLITZPOKER, we only process cash-out requests after checking the PAN card linked to the profile. Plus, the cash-out goes to a bank account connected to that PAN card. This double-check ensures the security of your winnings.

Is Online Poker Rigged FAQs

Can You Trust Online Poker?

Certainly! Trusting online poker involves choosing reputable platforms with a focus on security, fairness, and transparency. Look for sites that are licensed and regulated, ensuring adherence to industry standards. The use of Random Number Generators (RNGs) guarantees unpredictable card distribution, and robust security measures protect player information and transactions. Player feedback, reviews, and responsive customer support are valuable indicators of a platform’s trustworthiness. Opting for online poker sites that provide detailed hand histories fosters transparency, allowing players to review and analyze their gameplay.

Is Poker Really Random?

Yes, poker is genuinely random, especially in reputable online platforms that use Random Number Generators (RNGs). These algorithms ensure unpredictable card distribution, promoting fairness and preventing manipulation. Regulatory bodies oversee these practices to maintain the integrity of the game.