Online Poker Freeroll Strategy Guide

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In the world of poker, there is no one version of the game. There are a lot of games that come under the poker umbrella. Texas Hold’em, Rummy, 32 Card Draw, Omaha, 7 Card Stud and more. All these games have a different way of playing and to play them well you will need a lot of practice. These games can be practiced using the option of poker freeroll tournament. These are the most common tournaments people play to get their plays and strategies right. Before we move onto the guide for freeroll strategies let us read about what freerolls are.

Freerolls are games where people can enter without paying most often and if they win they stand to win the pot money. A freeroll usually occurs in two forms: one where a hand in which players can split the pot in two or win and second when there is a tournament without a monetary fee. A split happens typically when two players are playing heads up poker. The second is usually a tourney where the player has certain entry requirements but no fee to enter. The pot money is usually put up by the sponsor and is won by whoever finishes the game.

Now that you have understood the game and when a freeroll occurs. Let us read a few strategy tips you can use to play poker.

The early stages are important:

In every poker game, the initial stages are crucial to form a base of the rest of the game. Similarly, in freerolls too because people have not paid to get into tournaments they are willing to take risks in the early stages and build their stack. Owing to this the first principle is to as tight as you can in the initial stages. Play your strong hands first and keep the weak ones for later when you have built up your stack. Eventually, there will be a lot of dropouts from the game. Therefore, to be successful you should keep calm, make a good decision, and be prepared to play your best.

Never go all-in early:

When playing freerolls you will find that there are a lot of players going all-in during the early stages and this will make a lot of people go on tilt. Looking at other people go all-in you might feel like you are not doing enough or playing correctly. But this is not true, keep calm and be patient before you jump to make decisions. Online poker freerolls will give you the experience you need to play poker properly.

Play smart, not fancy:

At freeroll tables, you will come across several players that are amateurs and do not know how to play poker. Playing fancy and using all your smart moves on players that barely understand the game is not a smart move. See their level of understanding and observe their play. Playing fancy might only get you called more often than not.

The middle stage:

After having made it through the beginning you need to now shift gears and play the middle stages a little more aggressively. Out of all the players on the table, a lot of players leave the games in the initial stages. Since you are close to the money a lot of players will lose their cool and make reckless decisions. Be patient and play a little more aggressively during this stage.

Bluff on the bubble:

The players at the table have now invested too much time, patience, and efforts to get to the bubble. They will not leave without trying their best to get all that money. This is when you can push your opponents a little more and bluff. Use bluff only when you are sure of the strategy.

Finally, you fight through the last stage and get that money with the help of a strong strategy and a great hand. With several online poker games being offered, you need to get your strategies right to play and win.