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Poker Slang Phrases You Must Know For Sure

Poker Slang

If you’re just starting out with poker, it’s helpful to learn some poker slang and common phrases. This won’t make you a poker pro, but it’ll help you follow conversations and enjoy the game more especially at BLITZPOKER, where you can immerse yourself in the exciting poker realm.


First up, “ammo” means your chip stack. When you’re out of ammo, you’re out of chips.

Angle Shooting

Did you know? Lots of poker slang comes from the military. Take “angle shooting,” for example. That’s when a player tries to gain an unfair advantage, like hiding big chips or lying about their hand.


Now, let’s talk about your “arsenal.” That’s your skills and plays. A player with a big arsenal can use different tactics to outsmart opponents.

Big Slick

Ever heard of “Big Slick”? It’s Ace-King, a powerful hand in poker. It’s got nicknames like Anna Kournikova and AK-47.


Next, a “brick” is a card that doesn’t help anyone.


A “freeroll” is a risk-free chance at a tournament with a possible reward.

Sleeper Straddle

A “sleeper straddle” is a special kind of straddle bet in poker. It’s not common and can be placed at any position. It only comes into play if everyone folds before any action.

Idiot End

“Idiot end” refers to a straight draw where a player can only make the lowest possible straight. They might have better straight options available, but they’re aiming for the lowest one.


“GG” stands for “good game.” It’s often used online to thank opponents for a good match. Sometimes, it’s used sarcastically to mock weaker players or highlight a bad play.

Fist Pump

“Fist pump” is a celebratory gesture in poker, often done when winning a pot. It can also refer to other exciting moments, like confidently going all-in after a strong opponent’s bet.


“Crabs” are pocket threes in poker. The name comes from how the number three on the cards resembles a sideways crab.


A “cooler” is when both players have strong hands in poker, and no matter how they play, they’ll end up losing a lot of money. It’s an unavoidable situation that can be costly.

Running Bad

“Running bad” means having a streak of bad luck. Like when you lose your keys and your phone breaks.


Lastly, “busted” is when you lose all your chips or money. It can happen in a tournament or a cash game, leaving you with empty pockets. Tough break!

Credit Card Roulette

Ever been out to dinner with friends and wondered who’s going to pick up the bill? That’s where “credit card roulette” comes in. Everyone puts their credit card into a hat or box, and one lucky person gets to foot the bill for everyone.

While it’s not exactly a poker term, you might hear it tossed around if you’re into watching streams or podcasts with high-stakes players. And sometimes, you’ll even hear players griping about their luck when they end up on the wrong side of credit card roulette’s randomness.


“Doomswitch” is a term used in poker to describe when a player is having a streak of bad luck. It comes from online poker, where some players believe that poker sites can manipulate outcomes to make certain players lose more often. However, it’s just a myth, so there’s no need to worry about it. Luck, whether good or bad, is just part of the game.


“Gears” describes a player’s ability to adapt to different situations and make the best decisions in the moment. It’s like shifting gears while driving a car.

High Society

“High society” refers to a stack of the highest denomination chips in a casino. It became famous in poker thanks to the movie Rounders.


“Jam” is another term for going all-in, putting all your money in the pot.

Lodden Thinks

“Lodden Thinks” is a game popular among high-stakes players, where one player guesses what another thinks about a topic. It’s about understanding psychology and reading the minds of others.


“Nosebleeds” are ultra-high stakes poker games where huge amounts of money are at stake, like in Macau’s cash games.


“Pwned” is an online term similar to “owned,” indicating being severely outplayed or experiencing extreme luck from an opponent. It usually involves losing a significant portion of your chips.


“Rags” are really bad and unplayable cards in poker. These are hands with little chance of improving, like 92o or J3o, and should be folded immediately.

Runner Runner

“Runner runner” describes a situation where you need to hit both the turn and the river cards to complete your hand. For example, if you have two clubs and need two more to make a flush, you’re hoping for a runner-runner flush draw.


A “shill” is someone who falsely promotes a product or company. In poker, it refers to forum users who defend certain poker rooms with false testimonials to mislead other players.


“Slang for pocket eights, because the number 8 looks like a snowman. You might also hear it called “octopussy” or “infinities.”


A “shark” is a skilled poker player who takes advantage of weaker opponents. They’re professionals who know the game well and prey on mistakes made by others.

Suicide King

Suicide King is a poker slang used for the King of Hearts, which often has a king with a sword through his head or the heart. It gained fame from the book “The Professor, The Banker, and the Suicide King,” describing high-stakes games between poker elites and a wealthy banker.


“Tanking” is when a player takes time to think before making a decision in poker. It’s called “tanking” because it’s like using up your “time bank.” Players often do this when facing a big bet on the turn or river, where their decision can impact their finances.


“To whiff” means completely missing out on your draw in poker. It’s like swinging and missing in baseball. For example, if you’re hoping for a flush but the turn card doesn’t help you, you’ve whiffed.