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Poker terms all Poker players should be aware of

Poker is catching up to the Indian masses at an astounding rate and we are here to make them aware of some of the important and interesting poker terms. Like other sports and games, Poker also has slangs and following are some that are popularly used.

‘Muck’ is referred to when the player folds his cards. The player throws his card into the muck A well-known phrase, the term ‘All-in’ is when the player puts all his chips in the pot.

When a player tries to lure his opponents to make higher bets by representing a weak hand in order to increase the pot winnings.

In Texas Hold’em, if a player Calls rather than Raise the big blind pre-flop, the player is ‘Limping-in’.

Nuts is when you play the best hand at a game. Nuts flush is when you play your best flush within a hand.

Shark is referred to the player who wins a lot of games.

Fish is the player who doesn’t know how to play well or is rather poor and so loses often. When a player is not focused and loses a lot of hands due to bad luck.