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Poker Tips for Beginners

Are you one of those who is deeply intrigued by the world of poker? Have you always wanted to play online poker but just didn’t know where to start? If yes and if you are a newbie, this blog is just what you need to give you a head start on basic poker tips. In case you are a professional poker player, feel free to share some tips and tricks on our social media pages that you feel might help others.

Let’s dig right into the tips

Tip 1: Read up & watch videos on how to play as basic and this tip sounds most people forget to do their research and learn the ABCs of how to play poker. There are several websites that could help you in learning how to play poker and its rules

Tip 2: Practice with freerolls Once you haven’t read up enough content on how to play, it’s time for the actual game! Freeroll is a poker tournament term where you don’t need to invest a single rupee, but you could actually win some real money on the table. All major professional poker players in the world started with freerolls Play freeroll tournaments and up your poker skills at

Tip 3: Experiment with different games/formats Now that you have understood the basics of the game and have gained some confidence, you could move to experimenting with different formats of poker. Participate in tournaments by putting in small amounts on the table and gradually increasing the bet

Tip 4: Track and analyse your results In order to become a better player at poker, you must keep a track of your results to see how you did. Analyse trends in your gameplay to understand what is working and what is not. This will help you to make improvements in your overall game plan

Tip 5: Don’t make quick decisions One of the most important tips while playing online poker is to avoid playing fast in order to see the next card coming or to see whether you win or not. Take you time and go through the key features of your hand to make the right decision

Tip 6: Learn to fold One of the most common mistakes to avoid as a beginner is not folding. Although the temptation to see your opponents card and what the next card on board will be is big, it is important to learn to fold more often. If you do not know when to fold, you will only end up ruining your bankroll

In the end, if you genuinely love the game, you will be able to build a successful career in online poker. Happy playing!