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Straight Flush in Cards | What is a Poker Straight Flush

Straight Flush in Cards

It is often claimed that playing poker isn’t a simple task, but this statement isn’t entirely true. If you get to know the poker terms and rules, you can become really good. No matter which poker type you like, you should know how to play and the basic rules before you start playing against others online. Straight flush in cards is what we are going to discuss and explain today.

The first thing to learn about poker is the different poker hands and their rankings. It’s also good to have some tips, which you can find in our blog section.

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Today in this article, we’re focusing on the Straight Flush hand. Have fun playing poker games on BLITZPOKER and win real cash prizes by winning the pot!

What is a Straight Flush in Card?

Let us now dive into the gold mine – the straight flush. Well, it’s a squad of five cards from the same suit and in consecutive order, all lined up in a row. It’s like the poker dream team, just a step down from the mighty Royal Flush. And speaking of that, there’s a boss-level combo even beyond the Straight Flush which is known as the Royal Flush. Imagine A-K-Q-J-10 all suited up and ready to conquer. That’s the jackpot! Some of the poker sequences are Royal Flush, Four of a Kind, Full House, Flush etc. There are 10 of these rankings around which the poker game revolves. Check out our poker hierarchy chart page if you’re curious.

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Examples of a Royal Flush are:





Fundamental Rules of the Straight Flush

When getting into a poker game, one of the primary aspects to remember is that the suits of the cards hold no significance when it comes to a Straight Flush. When forming a sequence, the focus is to be solely on achieving the sequence itself, regardless of the suit of the cards. In rare instances, if a tie arises among multiple players possessing the same hand rank, the individual cards’ values within the straight determine the winner. For instance, a straight flush with the highest card value of K from any suit will always win over a straight flush with the highest card value of J.

Ranking the Straight Flush

In games like Texas Hold’em, as well as the majority of other poker variants employing a standard 52-card deck, the Straight Flush reigns supreme in the hierarchy, outclassing all other hands and prevailing over any hand that ranks lower. Well, if you manage to secure a Royal Flush, which holds its own distinct ranking, the straight flush becomes the second-strongest hand in poker.

In poker, there exist 40 possible variations of the straight flush, along with four variations of the Royal Flush, all derived from the same deck of cards.

Putting a Straight Flush into Action: A Real-Game Example

While getting a straight flush in a poker game is a rare occurrence, it’s not entirely out of the realm of possibility. Let’s walk you through a scenario to see this poker hand in action:

Imagine you’re in the midst of a No-Limit Texas Hold’em cash game at BLITZPOKER. Your initial hole cards are 5 and 6 of Spades. You’re currently positioned on the button (the dealer position). From an early position, an opponent makes a raise, prompting others to fold. You take a glance at your 5s-6s duo and decide to call the bet. Not only that, but the small blind and big blind also opt to stay in the game.

The flop unveils 7s-8s-Jh – now that’s interesting. This arrangement gives you an open-ended straight flush draw, adding a spark of excitement to the game. You’ve got your sights set on a 4 of Spades or a 9 of Spades to seal the deal. With everyone’s move, the short blind checks, the big blind follows suit, and the player from the early position also checks.

Feeling confident, you decide to make a bet, and surprisingly, everyone decides to call your bet. And then comes the turn – the 9s makes its grand entry. You’ve managed to snag a straight flush sequence. Taking a step back to assess the situation, you realize that based on the cards laid out on the board, you hold an unbeatable hand.

Probability of getting a Straight Flush Hand


Number of Combinations

0.0000138517 36

In poker, knowing the probability of achieving a straight flush and the count of hands that can form a straight flush is necessary. It’s worth noting that the likelihood of landing a straight flush is relatively low, making it a rarity on the poker table.

Probability of Getting a Straight Flush Hand in Texas Hold’em and Omaha

Poker Game

Poker Situation



Texas Hold’em Preflop 0.00139% 5 cards drawn randomly from a pack of 52 cards.
Flop 0.0012% Holding 2 suited cards.
Turn 4.25% Two suited cards from the flop.
River 4.35% Two suited cards on a board.
Omaha Preflop 0.00139% 5 cards drawn randomly from a pack of 52 cards.
Flop 0.04625% Two suited cards.
Turn 0.00578% Two suited cards from the flop.
River 4.44% Two suited cards on a board.

The Lowest Straight Flush

The lowest straight flush in cards specifically in poker holds the cards A-2-3-4-5, forming a five-card sequence where the Ace plays a special role as the number 1. You see, the usual order of things in poker places Ace as the high card, but in this case, we give it a different role as the low card. When it comes to ranking this particular straight flush, it’s all about that highest card – with the twist that we use Ace as low and five as high in the sequence A-2-3-4-5.

Straight Flush Hand In 3 Card Poker

A Straight Flush in three card poker means a 3-card combo of a kind or of the same suit. That means King, Queen, and Ace are the high-ranking cards while 4,3,2 are the lowest ones. Curious about the 3 card poker game, know more!

What is the difference between a straight and a straight flush?

A Straight Flush is a poker hand having five cards of the same suit and in a consecutive sequence whereas a straight is a poker hand that has five cards in a numeric sequence but all the cards are not of the same suit. A straight flush always beats a straight in poker.

Is a straight flush good in poker?

It is the second-highest poker hand in the poker hands ranking chart and only a Royal flush can beat it, so yes, it is a really good hand in poker.

Flush Hand Vs Straight Hand

In poker, be it Hold’em or Omaha, a flush (i.e. 5 cards that belong to the same suit) always beats a straight (i.e. 5 cards in a consecutive numeric sequence). However, a straight flush (i.e. five cards belonging to the same suit & in consecutive order), beats both flush and straight.