Things To Remember When Playing Poker With Real Money

Things to remember when playing poker with real money

Now that you know the basic rules of the game and also the best place to play online poker, BLITZPOKER, you must be curious to sit at a poker table and earn some sweet money. Well, we all want to. But, before you do that, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. After all, actual money is on the line!


1. Laugh when you win, learn when you lose

The first and foremost thing to remember when playing poker, is to not bend down to greed. Be happy with your wins and make sure you can laugh off your losses. Hence, it is always recommended to only bet the amount you can afford to lose. After all, it’s a game. And like any other game, even in poker, sometimes you win, sometimes you learn. Winning are going to make you happy, but losing is where you actually learn! So, every time you lose a hand you thought was a sure shot win, analyze why it didn’t go in your favor. Doing this on a repetitive basis, you will see a tenfold improvement in your game and thus your winnings indeed.

2. The more you read, the more you win

Poker tips, poker tips, poker tips. Read and follow as many as you can. This will definitely help you in your learning curve. When you know the tricks of the trade it becomes easier to plan your strategies and moves against the other. One might feel it is difficult to implement the strategies they’ve read or seen in an actual game, but with time and practice, it gets easier and better.

3. Know your cards

Poker hands are extremely important to know as a beginner. You should know hand rankings to understand the strengths of different hands. This will help you make an informed decision when you are seated at the table. You can see the different hand rankings here.

4. Slow and steady wins the race

Once you are accustomed to all the rules and regulations and decide to play Poker with real money, initially always start at low stakes. It does sound tempting to win big, but do not jump into the game and bet high money if you are still trying to understand it as it also increases the chances of losing big. When you start at low stakes, you minimize the risk of losing a lot of money. Once you get used to the poker setting and understand the game well, you can start increasing the stakes gradually.

5. The more you tilt, the more you lose

Tilt and losing go hand in hand. The more you lose, the more you tilt. And the more you tilt, the more likely are you to lose. So, if you are on a losing streak and starting to get tilted, it’s better to take a break, do something else for a while to take your mind off the losses and come back once you feel normal again.

6. Poker is a game of chess

In Poker, it’s okay to lose the battle to win the war! You can’t and you don’t have to win every hand you’ve been dealt. It’s okay to fold when your cards don’t look so great. Trying to win a bad hand by bluffing your way might not always work. Bluffing is a great strategy to turn the game in your favor, though not always. As you analyze your opponent’s game, they are doing the same to you. So, a good poker player will start catching your bluffs after just a few rounds at the table. And hence, it’s strongly recommended to not bluff every time and fold your cards when necessary. 


Now that you know the dos and don’ts of the game, try to play a game or two to put your understanding to practical use. BLITZPOKER is currently running amazing promotions for new depositors where they are giving away up to 25,000 bonus money for 1st time depositors.

May the flop be with you!