Top 5 Poker Players of the Poker Industry in the Year 2020

Top 5 Poker Players Of The Poker Industry In The Year 2020

There are several poker players all over the world and while some make it to the top a lot of them do not have that opportunity to make it into poker industry. It takes a great deal of effort to reach the top and play pro. Every player has one thing in common and that is discipline and reworking strategies. These two traits are the ones that are commonly found in any top player. If you have read any blogs written by the professional players then you must have noticed the importance they place on strategies and discipline in poker industry. When you play poker online there are different rules to playing and the shift often becomes difficult even for professional players to make. It is very different from playing in a traditional casino.

Being a good poker player takes a lot of effort. The amalgamation of intelligence coupled with the ability to take risks is what gives every pro player confidence. Confidence is a good trait to have in poker especially if you are one who uses bluffs as strategies very often. Being afraid in poker is not an option if you aspire to become a professional player in the poker industry. More important than this though is the understanding of the role luck plays in your games. To become a professional player you have to have the ability to handle losses, the point that not every day is the same in poker is important to take note of. How to play poker is not a difficult goal but how to master it is. There are thousands of ticks and tricks in the book that you will only learn with practice and over a period of time.

Now that we have seen what it basically takes to play like a professional let’s look at some of the professional players in 2020 and how they reached where they are today.

Justin Bonomo:
He started playing poker at the age of 19 and then went on to be called “Zee Justin”. He now stands atop the list of best poker players 14 years later. He has several wins all over the globe and all of them are at different world events. According to sources online he loves doing yoga before a game and is a big fan of good video games. He made a record in the world of poker when he won a whopping $10,000,000 at the WSOP.

Daniel Negreanu:
From Canada, he has been on the list of best poker players since 1997. He is right now at the second slot on the list and has been declared by the Global Poker Index as the Best Poker Player of the Decade. He has 6 WSOP’s under his hat and runs a YouTube channel too. He also writes blogs on play poker and tips.

Erik Seidel:
He ranks number 3 on the list and has the 8 WSOPs under his belt. He has been on the Poker hall of fame and has a respectable reputation in the world of poker. He is looked upon by a number of budding players and has a very down-to-earth attitude.

Feder Holz:
His poker wins are attributed to the various to discipline and the ability to accept defeat. At the age of 25, he becomes our youngest player to top the charts, he is an entrepreneur and has some pretty impressive wins in his kitty.

Antonio Esfandiari:
The fifth player who is at a point in his career that certain people can only dream of. He has played some massive cash games and has been winning 6 digit figures since 2014. His biggest win was $18m which was the largest payout ever in Poker. He made the shift to online poker long back and has been ruling the charts since.

Therefore, to attain this kind of discipline takes time and effort. Remember that poker is more than just a game. It teaches you a lot as a person too. In poker, decisions need to be taken quickly and precisely. Learn to play poker and always aim high!