What Are The Differences Between Live Poker And Online Poker

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Online poker has been a raging recent phenomenon. This concept has created a lot of buzz in the market and numerous people are signing up online to play. Poker is a challenging game that tests a person’s patience, thought, and decision-making ability.

In addition to that, the advent of poker online has created a lot of difference between the way this game is played. Traditionally this game is set up in a casino with music, several people, smoke, and tables. But online playing is a completely different experience. Today, you can play real poker both in casinos and online after you choose the right website. Through this article, we hope to bring out some of the key differences and explain why it is so.

  • With online poker, you have the benefit of choosing from a vast array of variations while in traditional poker this does not happen as there is no space to offer so many types. This is why people prefer online poker to real poker.
  • The pace differs, while in online poker the game is faster in traditional poker it goes at a slower pace because of the human element involved. This is the second most significant difference, as this makes online poker players faster in their skills than the rest.
  • This one is an obvious difference where you cannot see your opponents. In this case, you cannot quite tell what they are thinking and what their tells are. This is more advantageous to the people who play traditional poker. Online poker players need to be more observant of the statistics on their screens.
  • In online poker players can play multi-tables and this is not possible in traditional poker. Though this can sometimes be the source of distractions and a bad game for an online player it is still an advantage.
  • The bet-sizes in online poker differ than in live poker. In live poker, players can only open 5 times and in online poker, they can open in 2x, 2.5x, or 3x.

Finally, if you wish to make the switch to online poker you can download poker on your mobiles with the right software and experience playing online. Online poker is a challenge and once you get used to that the shift to traditional poker takes some getting used to.