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Poker Games you can play in India

Poker Games you can play in India


The game of poker has been around for quite a long time. It’s been enjoyed by people across the globe for many years now. As more and more people have grown to love the game, it has created new variants. Today, there are several variants of poker that you can play in India.

Poker Games # 1 – Texas Hold’em Poker

This variant has led poker to become the immensely popular game that it is recognized as today. It has brought about a huge boom in the world of online poker too. Today, it is the variant of how to play poker that is the most well known and has the highest number of players all over the world. 

Steps to play Texas Hold’em Poker in Poker Games

  • So, here’s how it goes: a maximum of ten players are allowed to play on one table. 
  • The game begins with players being dealt two private cards, also known as ‘hole’ cards. These are dealt face down.
  •  Then, there are five community cards that are placed on the table. These cards are face up. The goal is simple: to make the highest-ranking five-card hand. This can be made using various kinds of combinations and moves with the seven cards that each player has. 
  • The winner is the one who ends with the best hand. Usually, there is no limit on betting in this variant of Poker.

Poker Games #2 – 7 Card Stud

In case you haven’t guessed already, we deal seven cards to players in this variant of Poker. Players need to try their best to play poker games to create a strong hand ultimately with five cards. In most cases, this variant limits the amount that players are allowed to bet. 

Poker Games #3 – Pot Limit Omaha Poker

Pot Limit Omaha Poker as part of poker games, is the second most well-known variant of the game. It is not too different from Texas Hold’em. However, in this variant, we deal four hole cards or private cards to each player instead of just two. The player has to subsequently choose any two of these cards and make a combination with three of the five community cards on the table. The goal, again, is to come up with the best and highest-ranking hand. 

Pot Limit Omaha, as the name suggests, limits how much the players can bet. The players cannot place bets higher than the amount placed in the pot, which is collected at the start of the game. 

Poker Games #4 – Omaha Hi-Lo Poker

This variant of poker games is often referred to as “Omaha 8”. It is not the same as Pot Limit Omaha. While the betting rounds and the initial blinds are identical in both variants, the game has a difference. 

How to play Omaha Hi-Lo Poker?

Players are supposed to utilize two out of the four hole cards that they have, along with any three community cards with two objectives in mind- creating a high hand as well as a low hand combination. It is a ‘split pot’ game, meaning half of the pot is won by the best hand and half by the low hand. 

Poker Games # 5 – 5 Card Omaha

Another variant of Poker a little similar to Pot Limit Omaha in poker games, this game begins with all the players being dealt five hole cards or private cards. Post this, in how to play poker, the dealer goes on to deal five community cards on the table. The players are then expected to use three community cards and two of their hole cards to come up with a strong poker hand. 

Poker Games # 6 – Crazy Pineapple Poker

The game of Crazy Pineapple Poker in poker games is a bit like Texas Hold’em. Every player is dealt three hole cards. After this, there is a betting round. Once the ‘flop’ round occurs, the players must let go of one of their hole cards. The game’s main goal is to increase the likelihood of winning more and more hands. 

Poker Games #7 – Open Face Chinese Poker

Compared to the other variants of Poker in Poker games, Open Face Chinese Poker is relatively more recent. It needs a minimum of two and a maximum of four players at a time. 13 cards are dealt to players. You must know how to play poker freely in this game.Then, they have to make three hands each-a top hand of three cards, a middle hand of five cards, and a back hand of five cards. The players need to ensure that the total sum or strength of each of these hands goes from highest to lowest. In OFC, the goal is to win more points than your opponents, by winning more hands.  

Tips for Learning Poker and Improving Your Skills

If you’re new to poker among many poker games and still learning the basics, it is a good idea to understand the general layout of every game first. Take variants one at a time. Familiarise yourself with the number of players, rules, terminology, hand rankings, betting possibilities, in How to play poker and so on. 

Know the rules 

Once you know the rules and have observed a couple of games, you can try your hand at playing. Start small with play chips initially while you’re still learning the ropes. You could also take a shot at signing up for freeroll tournaments. Once you’ve learnt a bit, you can move on to playing real money poker.

Enjoy Poker Seamlessly with BLITZPOKER

Playing more and more games will teach you how to better manage bankroll. You will have a deeper understanding of what to do with your chips or your money and how to strategize more effectively. Even when playing free poker online, stick to calculated moves. Use the experience to get to know the game better, and then you can move up the stakes gradually. At BLITZPOKER, we offer you a seamless and fun-filled poker experience. We have hundreds of games being played every second of the day. 

A game as challenging as this one will surely keep you returning for more. And the best part is, if you feel bored with one variant, you can always give the others a shot!

See you at the tables!