Snap Poker

Snap Poker

It was common for poker to be played in some dark alley or the backside of a saloon or hotel. However, those things are a thing in the past, and it is now safe to say that poker is no longer considered to be illegal gambling. Instead, it is a game of skill, strategy, calculation, and knowledge which has taken center stage.

What are Snap Poker Games?

Poker has been played for centuries, but its newest avatar has seen a surge with more number of players from around the world playing this game.. It has given birth to a number of innovations in the game and the introduction of a lot of variations. One such variant played and loved by poker fans is Snap Poker. It is very similar to sit and go poker, where the pace is fast, and the action does not stop. The premise is also the same as Texas Hold’em, and the rules are not a new aspect to learn. It is a perfect game for those who can’t sit for a long tournament or those playing the game on the move.

Play Snap Poker

The basic idea of snap poker games is to save time. How this game works is also easy. At the start, you are positioned at a random table. If you feel that the poker hands are weak and you don’t wish to continue, then all you’ve to do is go for a fast-fold poker option. Through that, you are taken from the current table and placed at another table where you can deal with a new hand. It helps keep the action going, saves time, and even allows you to play big hands.

Snap Fold and Watch

Through Snap poker games, it’ll be easier for you to play a lot of games. You don’t have to just sit and wait for your turn to play again. If you do not like the situation, then you can snap fold and then move onto the next hand. You even have the option to watch the game at the previous table you left while playing at the new one. You will be shown the action picked up from where you left.

Mobile poker is a new world for the game of cards. Games like snap style poker are even the product of this environment, and have only done well for the game. If you’re looking to play some amazing poker games, then BLITZPOKER is the best online platform. It’s safe, secure, and efficient, where you’re bound to have the best time you have ever had.


The general idea of snap poker is to save time and keep the action going. At the beginning of a game, you are placed at a random table. Here in the table,, if you feel that your poker hands are weak and you don’t want to continue, then all you’ve to do is opt for a fast-fold poker option. Through fast-fold, you’re then taken from that table and immediately placed at another table where you deal with a new hand. This keeps the action going and saves time which even allows you to play big hands.

When playing Snap poker, you’re played in a ‘Players Pool’ and randomly re-seated at a different table every time you fold. SNAP lets you to SNAP FOLD before the action gets you out of your turn and within seconds you’ll be able to deal with a new hand at a new table with new opponents. However, players at the other table won’t even see that you folded until it is your turn to act.

Snap poker is basically a fast-fold poker format that is designed to minimize the waiting time between the moment you fold a hand and until a new hand is dealt. In snap poker the players join a “Players Pool” and they are randomly re-seated at a different table in every hand they play.

In Snap poker you can opt for fold or ‘SNAP fold’ and even continue watching the hand play out by clicking on the Fold watch and play button. When you choose ‘Fold watch and play’, a new screen appears. Here you can watch the rest of the hand in ‘observer mode.’