Account Related FAQ’s

Updating personal information
Q. How do I update my profile details?

A: Personal details like phone number, email Id, etc can be updated once while registering. Further changes can be done by emailing us on

How to update PAN
Q. How to update PAN on my account?

A: You can login to your BLITZPOKER account and attach PAN card or you can send your PAN card on

Changing Screen Name
Q. How do I change my screen name/username?

A: Send your request on with your preferred screen name. You can change your screen name only once in a year from the last updated date.

Transaction History
Q. How do I check my transaction history?

A: Follow the steps mentioned below to check your transaction history:

1. Login to your BLITZPOKER account

2. Click on “My Transactions”

3. Select “Date”

Forgot User Id
Q. I forgot my user id. What should I do?

A: Send us an email using your registered BLITZPOKER email ID and we’ll respond with your user id as soon as we can.

Forgot Password
Q. I forgot my password. What should I do?

A: Follow these steps:

1. Visit

2. Click on Login

3. Click on “Forgot password”

4. Enter your “Email address” and “Username”

5. An email with a temporary password will be sent on your registered email id. Kindly login with the same.

Please note: Change your password once you log in for security purposes.

Q. How can I add/change my avatar?

A: You can change your Avatar only through the BLITZPOKER app on your desktop. Avatar cannot be changed/ uploaded through Mobile App

You can upload your own preferred avatar to add it to the existing list of avatars and start using it.

You can change your Avatar by the following steps mentioned below:

1. Visit ‘BLITZPOKER’ and login to your account.

2. Click on ‘Play Now’, the Main Lobby will open.

3. Click on the ‘Avatar’ which is at the top right, it will ask you to choose from the default ‘Avatars’ or ‘Upload Image’

4. It takes 12 to 24 hours for an avatar request to be approved.

Changing contact number
Q. Can we change our registered mobile number?

A: You can change your registered mobile. You can drop your request on Our support will be happy to help you.

Changing bank account details
Q. How can I change my bank account details on my BLITZPOKER account?

A: Bank account details once added cannot be deleted. You can add new bank account details while placing a fresh cashout request.

Please Note: The bank account details provided need to be of the same person whose account is associated with BLITZPOKER.