Snap Poker FAQ

What is Snap Poker?
Snap poker is basically a fast-fold poker format that tis designed to minimize the waiting time between the moment you fold a hand and until a new hand is dealt. In snap poker the players join a “Players Pool” and they are randomly re-seated at a different table in every hand they play.
How to play Snap Poker?
The general idea of snap poker is to save time and keep the action going. At the beginning of a game you are placed at a random table. Here in the table if you feel that your poker hands are weak and you don’t want to continue then all that you’ve to do is opt for a fast-fold poker option. Through fast-fold you’re then taken from that table and immediately placed at another table where you deal with a new hand. This keeps the action going and saves time which even allows you to play big hands.
How does it work?
When playing Snap poker, you’re played in a ‘Players Pool’ and randomly re-seated at a different table every time you fold. SNAP let’s you to SNAP FOLD before the action gets you out of your turn and within seconds you’ll be able to deal with a new hand at new table with new opponents. However, players at the other table won’t even see that you folded until it is your turn to act.
What are fold, watch, and play in Snap Poker?
In Snap poker you can opt for fold or ‘SNAP fold’ and even continue watching the hand play out by clicking on the Fold watch and play button. When you choose ‘Fold watch and play’, a new screen appears. Here you can watch the rest of the hand in ‘observer mode.’