Random Number Generator (RNG) For Poker Online

Random Number Generator Certificate

In live poker, the deck of cards being used to play is shuffled several times in order to make sure that all the cards in the deck have an equal chance being dealt. That means that the person dealing the cards would not be able to fix the cards being distributed, and the game would thus be fair. In online poker, it is the job of the poker software to make sure that the cards are dealt randomly. This is done by a component of the software which is known as the Random Number Generator.

The random number generator (RNG) is a very important part of the online poker software that powers Blitzpoker.com. Here’s why.

Why Random Number Generator is Needed Poker is a game of skill, and the test of that skill lies in analyzing the chances of winning once you know the cards you have been given. As the game stages progress, a player gets a clearer idea by observing how others are betting, as well as by the cards they hold. Now, these calculations depend on the basic idea that the cards are dealt randomly and without bias.

The random nature of game events is maintained with the help of a component of our online poker software, which is the random number generator (RNG). The RNG is a mathematical program that creates unpredictable patterns that in turn affect the game events directly. In the case of online poker, it means that The RNG keeps the distribution of cards completely fair by making it nearly impossible to guess.

The RNG program used by BlitzPoker.com for the online poker software has been tested and certified by TST Labs from the UK. This certification means that our online poker software, including the RNG, has been tested and that the RNG deals cards in a manner that each of the 52 cards has an equal chance of being selected.

How a Random Number Generator Works
To begin with, a Random Number Generator needs a ‘seed’ as the initial point for sequences of randomly spawned numbers to start. The seed itself must be such that any repetitive pattern should be avoided as much as possible, as any sequences that result from the seed should be impossible to predict or calculate. For this reason, the seed itself is calculated using as many random figures as possible. For a given operation, the seed may be calculated using the network activity at a particular instant, the time of the day, and several other parameters in varying combinations.

RNGs used for are strong programs designed around an encrypted function called a ‘message digest’. The digest must generate seeds in a way that no two seeds have the same resulting random sequence. This results in an output that cannot be accurately pre-determined, thus ensuring the probabilities in play in a given online poker game remain unbiased.

So, when a virtual card-deck is ‘shuffled’ in the course of a BlitzPoker.com online poker game and the cards dealt, you know that the results are driven by purely random events.

BLITZPOKER – RNG Certificate