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10 Famous Poker Celebrities

Poker Celebrities

Poker is an easy game to learn and has wide appeal so much so that celebrities are also fans. Many famous celebrities play poker. During online poker’s peak years (2005-10), several poker sites used celebrities to promote their brands. These early poker ambassadors were not always skilled players. Some didn’t have the abilities of real poker pros and only played with money from their sponsors for publicity. However, not all celebrity poker players are mere faces for online brands. Some celebrities, paid or not, have genuine poker skills. Many have proved their talent in major international poker tournaments. With large bankrolls, these stars strive to master Texas Hold’em Poker. In India, BLITZPOKER is a leading provider of online poker where you can play real money poker and win daily cash prizes.

List Of Poker Celebrities

Matt Damon

You might know him from the awesome high-stakes poker movie, Rounders. People love that flick, and Matt’s role in it earned him big respect from poker fans. He wasn’t just acting on screen; he was also playing poker off-screen, hitting up The World Series of Poker now and then.

Ever heard of “Molly’s Game”? Yeah, Matt’s been in those games too. But he’s not all about the glitz and glam of the public eye. Most of his poker happens behind closed doors.

Rounders wasn’t just entertainment; it was inspiration for many wannabe poker stars out there.

Kevin Hart

Yep, he’s the funny man. He’s not just cracking jokes; he’s also making big moves in the poker world.

When he’s not busy with movies or saying sorry for stuff he’s said, Kevin’s rolling the dice in some high-stakes poker games. He’s had sponsorships from big names like PokerStars and PartyPoker. And he’s not afraid to go big – like when he dropped $100k to play in a Super High Roller tournament in the Bahamas back in 2017.

But that wasn’t enough for Kevin. A few months later, he upped the ante, throwing down $300k to join the Super High Roller Bowl in Las Vegas. He even knocked out poker legend Phil ‘The Poker Brat’ Hellmuth in one of the games.

Kevin’s style at the table? Think big moves, wild bets, and a whole lot of energy. Sometimes he wins big, sometimes he crashes and burns – especially when his bluffs get called out. But one thing’s for sure: when Kevin Hart’s at the poker table, it’s never boring.

Remember that time Kevin won a hand with trash cards? Yeah, it happened. He bluffed his way to a $40k pot, even though he didn’t have much of a hand. It was so crazy that poker pro Daniel Negreanu called it the best hand ever seen on TV.

Shannon Elizabeth

Everything Shannon accomplished in life has been a success. Before she became famous worldwide for her role as Nadia in the American Pie trilogy, she excelled at tennis, even considering going pro.

In 2006, Shannon openly declared her passion for poker, calling it “her second career.” She frequented Las Vegas to challenge top players and reached the semi-finals in the NBC Heads-Up Poker Championship in 2007. Her performance in this and other poker tournaments solidified her reputation as a skilled player.

In 2010, she came close to winning a WSOP title, finishing second in the $5,000 Ante Up for Africa charity event, earning $79k. This achievement was fitting for Elizabeth, known for her philanthropic work, having established the Shannon Elizabeth Foundation, dedicated to animal rescue and conservation in South Africa.

Although her last notable poker win was in 2013, it appears she plays less nowadays. However, poker skills endure, and she would be a formidable opponent if she returns to the game.

Indian Poker Poker Celebrities: Minissha Lamba & Shahid Kapoor

Minissha Lamba

Meet Minissha, a renowned Poker Pro in the celebrity world. This Bollywood star initially dabbled in Poker for entertainment, but the excitement and allure of this captivating game quickly drew her in. Now, she finds herself irresistibly drawn to the tables, both live and online. With appearances in prestigious tournaments like WSOP, WPT500 Aria, WPT India, DPT, and IPC, she’s cementing her place as a formidable presence in the Poker scene. Minissha is carving out a path to success on the Poker felt, reaching remarkable heights along the way.

Shahid Kapoor

Known for his roles in movies like “Jab We Met,” Shahid Kapoor has become a popular figure in Bollywood. He has a large fan base who admire his acting talent. Apart from acting, Kapoor also enjoys playing Poker, which has grabbed attention alongside his acting career. Shahid Kapoor and Harman Baweja were reported to spend leisure time bonding over games such as Poker and rummy. He delights in organising enjoyable Poker gatherings for his close circle of friends and family members.

Jason Alexander

Jason Alexander, famous for his role as George Costanza on Seinfeld, is also a passionate poker player. Whether he’s on set or at the poker table, Jason brings his unique energy and wit to everything he does. He’s not just playing for fun; Jason competes in tournaments, both online and live, showcasing his skills and love for the game. Notably, he won $500,000 for charity in the Celebrity Poker Showdown Championship and continues to host an annual celebrity charity poker tournament, now in its 20th year.

Brad Garrett

Known for his towering presence in Everybody Loves Raymond, Brad Garrett is also a celebrity poker player. With his sharp wit and strategic prowess, Brad navigates the complexities of the game with ease. He describes himself as a part-time professional and has made memorable appearances on poker television shows like Poker Night in America. Although his biggest win was $100,000 in the Celebrity Poker Showdown Championship, Brad continues to impress with consistent performances in live events.

Victoria Coren Mitchell

Victoria Coren Mitchell, a respected journalist and TV presenter, has made a name for herself as one of the most successful celebrity poker players. Beyond her media career, Victoria is deeply passionate about poker and has achieved significant success in the game. Her breakthrough came with a historic win at the European Poker Tour, making her the first woman to claim the title. With over $2.5 million in live poker earnings, Victoria’s impact on the game is undeniable. Despite semi-retiring in 2014, she still graces the tables occasionally, leaving a lasting legacy in the poker world.

Michael Greco

Michael Greco, best known for his role on EastEnders, has also found success in the world of poker. Since the early 2000s, Michael has been a fixture on the London poker scene, honing his skills and earning impressive results. Despite playful ribbing from fellow players about his soap opera roots, Michael approaches the game with determination and good humor. With over $1 million in tournament earnings, Michael’s poker journey is a testament to his passion and dedication to the game.

Jennifer Tilly

Acclaimed Hollywood actress, Jennifer Tilly is also a skilled woman poker player. Introduced to the game by her father, Jennifer has achieved notable success on the felt, including winning a WSOP bracelet. Supported by her partner, professional player Phil Laak, Jennifer regularly competes in high-stakes games and tournaments. Her love for the game shines through in her fearless play and strategic prowess, making her a respected figure in the poker community.