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How To Play Poker Without Using Money

Given its growth in popularity, a lot of people’s perception of poker has been changing. Initially, poker was synonymous with gambling in Indian society but as more and more people are coming forward to play poker in India they are realizing that it is more than just an addiction. We cannot discount the fact that poker as a game can get addictive and a lot of people have resorted to help to get out of it. With this growing change in the narrative, there has been a great boom in the online poker industry thus leading to a change in the way this game is played.

Since a lot of people that take up playing poker are from all age groups there are a lot of ways one can play poker today with cash or without cash, play from home or go to a casino and more. All these changes in poker have been accepted wholeheartedly by many but there is still a section of the society that thinks online poker is not poker. Though playing in a traditional casino is difficult and a different experience to play poker online is also another experience. With the world becoming more inclusive of the internet everybody gets an opportunity to try their hand at this fascinating game. With poker, there are a lot of factors one needs to keep in mind. If you read online you will know. For now, through this article, we aim to give you tips on how you can play poker without cash.  If you have set out to play poker then starting with playing poker for no money would be a wise decision to make until you make the decision of why you are playing poker.

It is an important question to answer, “why are you playing poker?” whether for fun or for professional reasons. This will change the way you approach the game. For professional reasons will allow you to think through your strategies and plays while playing for fun you will not want to take a lot of risks. Let us learn how to play poker without money.

How to Play Poker without Money

The first kind is to play with poker chips. The market has a lot of poker chip sets and you will want to invest in one irrespective of whether you are playing for fun or professional reasons. You can use these chips as a means to bet instead of real money. This will mean that you do not have to worry about playing badly and losing money. There are different types of poker chips and you can read a lot about them online. Poker chips are the closest you can get to real poker.

The second option is you can play with artificial money from board games like Monopoly, business, and more. They use different currencies and you can use the denominations to determine how you want to bet.

The third option is to play with bottle caps, beads, marbles, and more another kind of similar items. It is an issue when you play with these types of items since you cannot stack them and it does not feel like you are playing poker in addition to not having any clear denominations. Therefore, not a lot of people resort to playing this way.

The fourth option is to play with food items like candy and reward the winner with delicious treats. This kind of poker is only played for fun. This feels a lot like playing fake poker which essentially won’t give you any satisfaction but if you are only playing for fun then you could try. So this is all about how to play poker without money.

While these are certain ways you can play poker without using money at all there are also online poker free games for you to try. Don’t discount online poker since there are a lot of mediums online you can use to play and be satisfied. Poker is an enthralling game that can keep you hooked while teaching you to play great games. If you wish to start playing poker today just download the poker game on your phone or laptop and play. Cashouts are really easy with BLITZPOKER.