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Open Face Chinese Poker Fantasyland Rules

Open Face Chinese Poker Fantasyland Rules

Open Face Chinese poker, a swiftly growing game in the poker scene, originated in Finland. It started gaining traction in the US around 2011/2012 and then spread to online poker platforms. Since its introduction, it has become extremely popular, especially among professional players who enjoy both low and high-stakes real-money gaming with each other. Come join the action and see why BLITZPOKER is the ultimate destination for OFC enthusiasts all over India.

Chinese Poker Variations in Open-Face Chinese (OFC) Poker:

  1. Pineapple OFC Poker: Played by three players, this is the most popular variation. Each player is dealt 14 cards, which they can arrange without showing to their opponents.
  2. Double Deck OFC: In this version, two decks of cards are shuffled together, and players must play as if it were a single deck variety.
  3. Turbo OFC: Players are initially dealt 5 cards, followed by 4 additional cards in each subsequent round.

Points for Royalties:

Back Hand (Bottom 5 card hand)

Middle Hand (Middle 5 card hand)

  • Straight: 4 points
  • Flush: 8 points
  • Full House: 12 points
  • Four of a Kind: 20 points
  • Straight Flush: 30 points
  • Royal Flush: 50 points

Front Hand (Top 3 card Hand)

  • Pair of Sixes (6, 6): 1 point
  • Pair of Sevens (7, 7): 2 points
  • Pair of Eights (8, 8): 3 points
  • Pair of Nines (9, 9): 4 points
  • Pair of Tens (10, 10): 5 points
  • Pair of Jacks (J, J): 6 points
  • Pair of Queens (Q, Q): 7 points
  • Pair of Kings (K, K): 8 points
  • Pair of Aces (A, A): 9 points
  • Three of a Kind: 20 points

In OFC poker, Chinese poker scoring is used.

Once players arrange all three hands, they compare the first hand with those of the other players, then the second, and finally the last. Each hand won earns the player one point.

The player who wins the maximum number of hands scores one point, effectively winning two points and losing one. Winning all three hands is called “scooping,” resulting in winning the entire game.

Players earn bonus points, called royalties, for having high-ranking cards. If a player fouls their hand, it results in an automatic scoop. If two players foul their hands, it’s considered a tie.

Open Face Chinese Poker Fantasyland Rules

In certain OFC games, Fantasyland rules come into play. To enter Fantasyland, a player must achieve a hand of a pair of queens or better in their top hand without fouling.

Once a player achieves this, in the next hand, they are dealt all 13 cards at once and can set their hand like a standard Chinese Poker hand. The player in Fantasyland keeps their cards hidden until all other players have completed their hands.

A player can remain in Fantasyland if they achieve trips in the top hand, a full house or better in the middle hand, or quads or better in the bottom hand.

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Exploring Pineapple OFC Poker

Pineapple OFC (Pineapple Open Face Chinese) is a popular version of OFC. The big difference? Well, in Pineapple, you get more cards compared to regular OFC.

Here’s how it works: You start with five cards in both games. But in Pineapple, after that first deal, you get three more cards each time. Now, out of those three extra cards, you pick two to keep and one to toss away. Simple, right?

What’s really cool is that in Pineapple, there are only five rounds instead of nine, and everyone gets more cards to play with. Because of this, Pineapple OFC is usually played with just three players. But don’t worry, the scoring, bonuses, and Fantasyland rules are all the same. Pineapple OFC is gaining a lot of fans online because it’s faster-paced and super exciting to play.

Understanding the Unique Dynamics of OFC Poker Vs. Traditional Chinese Poker

The primary distinction between OFC (Open Face Chinese) poker and regular Chinese poker lies in the way the game unfolds and how players strategize. In OFC poker, unlike its counterpart, players don’t receive all their cards upfront. Instead, they gradually construct their three hands by drawing one card at a time (or three cards in the case of OFC Pineapple) from the deck during each turn.

At the commencement of an OFC poker round, each player is initially dealt five cards. Subsequently, the remaining eight cards are drawn from the deck, culminating in a total of thirteen cards laid out face up on the table in three distinct rows: the top row comprising three cards, the middle row with five cards, and the bottom row also featuring five cards.

The element of surprise inherent in not knowing all one’s cards from the outset adds an extra layer of skill and excitement to the game. Players must adapt their strategies on the fly as they receive new cards and endeavour to form optimal hands.

Moreover, OFC poker introduces unique rules that set it apart from traditional Chinese poker. One such rule is “Fantasyland,” a special feature triggered by achieving specific hand combinations and card draws. Fantasyland adds an additional dimension to the game, offering opportunities for players to enhance their scores and change the course of play based on their drawn cards and hand outcomes.

Additionally, OFC Pineapple incorporates a distinctive rule limiting gameplay to a maximum of three players. This rule alters the dynamics of the game, requiring participants to adjust their strategies accordingly in response to the reduced number of players at the table.

Overall, the blend of unpredictability, strategic depth, and exclusive rules characterizes OFC poker as an engaging and enjoyable variant of the traditional Chinese poker game.

Open Face Chinese Poker Fantasyland Rules FAQs

What Is Fantasyland in Open Face Chinese Poker?

Fantasyland is a special bonus feature in OFCP where a player who sets their top hand as a pair of queens or better without fouling gets to enter Fantasyland on their next hand.

How Does a Player Enter Fantasyland?

To enter Fantasyland, a player must have a qualifying hand of a pair of queens or better without fouling.

What Are the Benefits of Being in Fantasyland?

When a player is in Fantasyland, they receive all 13 cards at once before the next round begins, giving them a significant advantage over their opponents.

Can a Player Improve Their Hand While in Fantasyland?

No, once a player is in Fantasyland, they cannot make any changes to their hand until the end of the current round.

What Happens if A Player Fouls While in Fantasyland?

If a player fouls their hand while in Fantasyland, they lose the privilege of remaining in Fantasyland for the next hand and must return to the standard gameplay.

Can Multiple Players Be in Fantasyland Simultaneously?

Yes, in games with more than two players, multiple players can be in Fantasyland at the same time if they qualify.

Can Fantasyland Be Played in Every Hand?

No, Fantasyland is a special feature triggered by achieving a qualifying hand in the standard game. It is not available in every hand.