Why Do You Need A Professional Poker Set

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Poker can be played with anything, you can assume whatever you have around you to be chips and begin playing. But this will not make it seem genuine enough. Playing with a professional set is way better than just anything. There is a simple answer to why you need a professional set. It feels good, makes you look at the game seriously and the chips add a certain flavor to the game. There are many types of sets available online if you want to buy one. You can read further to know of them and buy whichever suits you. Though to play poker online you do not really need a professional poker set since it is all virtual.

Online poker is a good place to start if you are a beginner since there are options for you to play for free unlike in more traditional settings. The internet has made playing this game very easy and accessible to all. In earlier days, when people used to go search for a casino and they had a certain environment to it, it wasn’t accessible to everyone. But today, you will find a lot of youngsters using their time and intelligence to make some money sitting at home. In India, the poker industry has seen a steady rise in the number of people that choose to play. According to an online article, the online poker industry stands at an evaluation of USD 120 million. This is a great amount and the future shows a steady rise.

Now that we know where India as a country stands with the poker industry, let us take a look at the various types of professional poker sets available. The first can the different types of chips. The chips in a poker set can be clay, plastic, metal, and ceramic. Clay is by far the most used material for poker chips because of its sophisticated look and feel. If you are a casino and want to give your clients the ultimate experience in playing poker then go for the clay chips.

The second types of chips are plastic, these are cheaper and are available in department stores. The other kind of plastic chips available is the diamond chips that are slightly heftier than the usual ones and come in solid colors. These are made for home poker games. The third kind is the metal core poker chips. Come in varied colors and are used in the big casinos to play. Apart from the chips, there is also a difference in the chipset size. Usually, the general requirement is 100 chips per player and around 300 for the table. All this you can read online or you will learn when you learn how to play poker.

The design of a chipset also varies and you should know which one you want to buy. There are 3 classical designs to them, ones with graphics on them, the other with suits on the edge, and the last with dice around the diameter. The more graphical and more stylish the design on the chipset the more expensive it is. The other thing to consider in a professional chipset is the weight of the chips. You can opt for heavy chips as they last longer but they also become difficult to play with.

Finally, there are also chipsets that come up with extras in the box like dealer buttons, tray inserts, cases and much more. But remember that cost is a big decision to take into consideration while trying to pick the right chipset. This is important because the fancier the chipset the more expensive it is. You can also try out the samples for a minimal fee before you decide to buy any. After you have made the decision to buy the chipset you need to decide where to play poker online.