Pineapple Hold’em : The Rules and the MSO Poker (Pineapple) Champions

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Pineapple Hold’em or simply Pineapple is a version of Poker that after the first round plays like g: “texas_hold’em”. At the start everyone is dealt three cards and after the flop players have to discard 1 card. This can be painful when you realize you threw away your winning straight flush gut draw!

The Rules of Pineapple Hold’em Poker

Pineapple Hold’em poker starts with 3 cards. After the flop of 3 cards but before the betting round, each player has to put forward face down a card to discard. In case of disputes related to the order in which a player must place his card, this is done in the order of betting. The rest of the betting and play continues like in Texas Hold’em. So a player may use any 5-card combination of his two cards and the five cards in the middle.

The sequence of play is:

  • Big blind and small blind (with the option of antes deep enough in the tournament)
  • Betting round
  • Burn card
  • 3 card flop
  • Face down each remaining player discards a card
  • Betting round
  • Burn card
  • Single turn card
  • Betting round
  • Burn card
  • Single river card
  • Final betting round
  • Showdown

You can find out about opportunities to play Pineapple Hold’em live at the timetable.

MSO Poker (Pineapple) Champions

2022Andres KuuskEstoniaOlympiad Champion
2021Maciej BrzeskiPolandOlympiad Champion
2020Ankush KhandelwalEnglandOlympiad Champion
2019Ankush KhandelwalEnglandOlympiad Champion
2018Ankush KhandelwalEnglandOlympiad Champion
2017James HeppellEnglandOlympiad Champion
2016Andres KuuskEstoniaOlympiad Champion
2015James HeppellEnglandOlympiad Champion
2014Andres KuuskEstoniaOlympiad Champion
2013Andres Kuusk and England Ankush KhandelwalEstoniaOlympiad Champion
2012Dario De ToffoliItalyOlympiad Champion
2011Riccardo GueciItalyOlympiad Champion
2010Paco Garcia De La BandaSpainOlympiad Champion
2009David PearceEnglandOlympiad Champion
2008Andrew HaveryEnglandOlympiad Champion
2007Charles HeppellEnglandOlympiad Champion
2006Alexander BaronEnglandOlympiad Champion
2005Chris CarterEnglandOlympiad Champion
2004Ben PlayerEnglandOlympiad Champion
2003Mathew CordellEnglandOlympiad Champion